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Part N – Holly VIII shattered from The italian capital because he desired to increase his own power. Make clear why you agree or perhaps disagree with this look at. (24 marks) The break with The italian capital was the end of pontifical rule in England. For several causes, which I shall discuss with this study, Henry VIII made a decision to replace the Pope while Head from the Church in britain and appoint himself as the Great Head with the Church. The points needed to be looked at with this study will be the possible factors as to why he would want to be able to with The italian capital and the consequent reformations that he created.

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It turned out argued by 20th 100 years historians, for example a. G. Dickens, that the pre-reformation church was obviously a corrupt and failing establishment and therefore to be able to reform the church practice, Henry were required to appoint himself as the Supreme mind. A. G. Dickens checked out the state of popular religion and just how this afflicted a required for transform, especially the Lollards; anti-clericalism, in accordance to their line of argument was widespread and thus there was a need for alter.

To compliment this disagreement there were significant changes in in an attempt to protect the sanctity of the church; like the supplication resistant to the ordinaries in 1532. This kind of act was executed to change cannon law and which was threatening lawyers and authorities, all those existing regulations were reviewed by laymen and clergy men.

A potential motive just for this is to reduce the power of the church and anti-clericalism, even though beneficial to the state of the cathedral, Henry did use it to enforce his own demands. Although there is no general reason as to why the summoning with the reformation legislative house was known as, it can be presumed that it was generally to deal with Henry’s divorce case and to put pressure on the Pope to get absolute behavior. In 1529, the ‘drift’ period was formed in which even though Henry needed a divorce, this individual didn’t want a split from the church. Therefore , arguable, because of the lack of arrangement from the Pope, Henry necessary to break by Rome to obtain the divorce. However that does not explain for what reason he continued to take electric power from the local clergy after the divorse occurred. Even though Henry performed want to put pressure on the church to get permission to divorce Catherine of Aragon, there were simply no signs that he wished to break with Rome.

It was only until 1532 did Henry learn to become fiscally aware, as it was clear the fact that Pope gave no matter for what was happening in britain as he was currently a hostage underneath Charles Versus. In late 1532, Anne Boleyn became pregnant, and although he was still legally wedded to Catherine it could be presumed that Holly had realised he had already split coming from Rome. The financial resources with the church were huge, and although the salary of the Crown was sufficient, there was a possibility of episodes on England from Catholic countries such as France and Spain.

The legislation of the reformation legislative house suggests that Holly did display motivation for financial gain, nevertheless this was more of a secondary gain and there was no vital need for funds then. Simply by 1533 almost everything Henry acquired aimed intended for was finished; he had divorced Catherine, he previously reduced the Pope’s power and he had a new inheritor, therefore there is no need to generate any more works. However Henry, the parliament and Cromwell continued the reformation parliament for the next ten years. In these ten years, his main actions worried reducing the power of the house of worship within Britain and for Henry to gain the two temporal and spiritual power. With the act in Complete Restraint of Annates, this individual created total control over his Kingdom and with the Treason Act, no one could say or perhaps write items that were regarded as being in opposition.

Considering that it was in the 10 years following the split with Ancient rome that he created the most change among his Kingdom with fees being paid out to the top and the grave of the monasteries, where almost all land now belonged to the Crown, he was financially encouraged. In conclusion, considering the fact that financial and private motivation came after the split with Rome one has to assume that the primary purpose for Holly was to file for divorce from Catherine, especially as she was now struggling to produce a guy heir and there were more desirable claims to the throne that from Holly. Financial gain came up as a benefit from the removal of electricity from the clergy, which was mostly used to pressure the P�re into contouring.

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