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O’Briens “How to share with a True Warfare Story”, is a compilation of war tales and some encounters that mankind has had when away from home, for war throughout a battle. The theme of O’Briens short history is to always look at the great side coming from all things that may happen in one’s existence. There is a great side in each and every single actions that happens in householder’s lives. O’Brien tries to explain a conflict story as best as he may but , most believe that to truly know the situations that took place and how gory or enjoyable each little thing was, one must experience this themselves.

O’Brien’s target is to prove to the audience that it can be next to impossible to see a “true” war story and be able to clarify all of the details in which are seen throughout a battle. In the tale, the story is no easy one to follow. The mechanism involves the author adding multiple war stories as one complete history.

This quote can be an example of O’Brien trying to communicate as many slight details as it can be: “They take the soldier’s finest fear, that has been the fear of blushing. Men killed, and died, because they were ashamed not to. It was what got brought these to the war in the first place, absolutely nothing positive, not any dreams of glory or prize, just to stay away from the blush of dishonor. That they died as a way not to die of humiliation. “(O’Brien 1152)

This quotation is a immediate quote via a different brief story regarding war. Obrien uses this type of writing to try and capture as much minor particulars as possible in the short tale. In the story, this quotation explains how every gentleman away from for war is trying to cover up their emotions as well as their very own fear of dying.

In the brief story known as “How to Tell a True Battle Story, ” the narrator Tim O’Brien himself includes a friend who went to war in Vietnam. His friend Curt ” lemon “, Tim O’Brien however will not return residence to his friends and family after the war is finished. In the history, there not necessarily any honn�te. Most people imagine war can be an awful place and they are precisely correct. The theme of O’Briens short history, “How to see a True Battle Story, ” is to often look at the positive side of things that happen in one’s lifestyle. It takes a real soldier who have been in Vietnam fighting inside the war to take a positive look at the tings developing in his life. Shortly after the death of Rat Kiley’s best friend, Curt Lemon writes a page to Lemons sister, Kileys friend whom recently exceeded: “He was obviously a slim, useless, and almost beaitiful young man of around twenty. Stor lay with one lower leg bent under him, his jaw in the throat, his face nor expressive nor in expressive. One eye shut. The other was obviously a shaped pit. ” (O’Brien 1151)

This quote is definitely some of the specifics in Tipp Kileys page to his dead good friend and other solider, Curt Lemon. The group expects the letter to be full of positive things because is just how Rat Kiley looked at particular things even though his individual eyes. The group is led to believe that he constantly required a positive view in life, which can be how all people should observe things. Curt Lemon’s sibling had not any response to Rat’s letter house informing the family that their son had passed.

In “How to Tell an absolute War Story”, the storyline is very hard to follow and to some the theme is hard to find too. In the end, “How to Tell a real War Story” is a well-written short story by O’Brien. One could have many existence lessons coming from O’Brien’s work as well because get a tiny insight of what it might be like to serve for one’s nation at conflict.

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