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In a competitive environment, 1 thrives based upon their capability to build a competitive edge over their opponents. ICMT is one way through which agencies today gain competitive benefit in their respective industries. The word ICMT fundamentally stands for the instruments and methods used in communication within the organization. Today, ICMT is used into a significant extent in various sectors including health-related, business, and entertainment. It can be expected that as more and more persons purchase mobile devices, and the net becomes more accessible, organizations could make huge revenue from online activities and sales. This will, however , rely upon how very well they can treat the risks of information security breaches and environmental damage. Eco warriors warn that increased usage of computers and other electronic devices arrive at an expense to the environment. This textual content analyzes the expected tendencies in the ICMT sector, as well as the threats and opportunities presented to organizations by these kinds of trends. Additionally, it suggests ways through which agencies could maximize on the possibilities while minimizing the menace posed by the identified dangers so as to manage to take full advantage of the projected developments.


ICMT is an integral component of agencies today, promoting multiple portions in the economy, and providing rewards to homes, businesses and individuals. The ICMT industry has recorded significant improvement over the last many years, evolving from your plain old cell phone service (POTS) to advanced wireless and fiber optic technologies. Authorities are from the view that despite this large extent of development, the ICMT industry remains to be largely immature, and significant opportunities exist in development and advancement (Andersen Coffey, 2012). We can, therefore , be prepared to see the multiplier effect of ICMT throughout particular industry sectors increase over the coming decades. ICMT can be an element of ICT, which at the moment contributes about $1 trillion dollars to the U. S. ‘ GDP and nearly $400 billion dollars in benefits to other sectors that rely on ICT directly (Andersen Coffey, 2012). It is estimated that the ICT sector’s contributions to GDP possess risen simply by 25% considering that the 1990s (Andersen Coffey, 2012). A study by National Study Council the truth is showed the fact that ICT sector accounted for roughly 25% of economic development in the U. S. among 1995 and 2007 (Andersen Coffey, 2012). This is adequate indication that ICT is a significant driver of monetary growth considering that the 1990s. Worryingly, however , the majority of researchers possess focused on the evolution and growth of the ICT sector as a whole, giving a lot to be desired regarding the contribution of specific elements of ICT such as ICMT. This text seeks to address this knowledge gap by giving insight how ICMT is rolling out and progressed in the U. S. through the years, and the dangers and opportunities that it positions to organizations and businesses.

What is ICMT?

The term ICMT is derived from two core terminologies – info communication technology and media technology. ICT (information connection technologies) identifies the various tools and resources used to create, manage, store, and disseminate info. They consist of computers, transmitting technologies (radio and television), and telephony. Information interaction technologies, however , have one significant technological constraint – they may be not able to deliver all kinds of media. Television set, for instance, could deliver details in video and audio form, but is not text; moreover, a car radio could deliver sound, although no online video (Croteau, Hoynes Milan, 2011). This is where media technologies appear in – they are communication technology that allow for the delivery of all forms of media: live, text message, sound, picture, video, and interactive. To this end, information communication and mass media technologies label the various tools of communication that allow for the delivery of live, still images, sound, and print varieties of media (Croteau et approach., 2011). These include email, instant messaging and social networking sites.

Components of ICMT

The term ICMT is a amalgamated term, which will embodies several fundamental principles: information, interaction, media and technology. Dreary (2012) posits that in order to understand the term effectively, you need to have a ideal understanding of these four components.

Information could be defined just as highly processed data, or that which helps with the making of decisions. Waterville and Gilbert (2000) specify it like a potentially valuable fact able of leading to the human brain to change the view or perhaps opinion.

Conversation refers to the transfer of information from one person to another, with all the aim of getting them to accept a specific opinion (Waterville Gilbert, 2000). Communication is known as a process demanding a tv-sender, a recipient, a terminology and a code that is understandable to both the tv-sender and device. Communication is said to have taken place when the sender’s action creates a reaction in the receiver (Waterville Gilbert, 2000).

Media is short for the various tools and resources utilized in the indication and dissemination of information from the sender towards the receiver. Conversation media could take one of two varieties: a) analog – the typical telephonic, television and a radio station broadcasts; and b) digital – telegraphy and computer-mediated communication. The most commonly used media for communication include fibers optics, interaction satellites, microwave transmission, englobant cable, and wire pairs (Waterville Gilbert, 2000). Communication media work as channels for communication, connecting various computers so that they may well interact with the other person and share data.

The final component of ICMT is technology. This can be defined as the utilization of scientific expertise to assist human beings in eliminating things that impede all of them from living comfortably. From this context, technology refers to the precise gadgets used in communication, including car radio, television, GSM handsets, cell phones, telephone, personal computers, GPS (global positioning systems), and iphones. It is these types of technologies that are linked collectively through interaction media in order for information to flow.

Elements of an ICMT System

Virtually any ICMT program comprises of five basic elements: people, data, information, hardware and software.

People: people are responsible for supplying data in to the ICMT program and at the same time making decisions and judgments regarding the output data supplied by the program (Doyle, 2008).

Data: this is actually the raw material entered into the machine, and which is later prepared into information (Doyle, 2008).

Information: this can be the output in the ICMT system; the result of data processing (Doyle, 2008).

Components: the physical components that comprise the device, including insight devices (scanners, mouse, keyboards); output products (plotters, printers, screens); safe-keeping devices (hard drives, memory); and tangible communication mass media used in the transmission of information such as coaxial cables (Doyle, 2008).

Software program: the computer courses and applications that accomplish the actual work. They consist of email, spreadsheets, and term processing application (Doyle, 2008).

Current Point out of ICMT in the U. S

ICMT systems in organizations in the U. T. are used for various functions which include payroll, inventory control, buy processing, getting, accountancy, financial, and internet commerce (Doyle, 2008).

ICMT in Healthcare: health care is a important concern to get populations and governments, specifically in the U. S., the place that the healthcare sector is largely profit-based, making the expense of healthcare substantially high (OSEC Business Network, 2011). ICMT has been accustomed to not only increase the quality of care brought to patients, although also minimize the costs connected with seeking out health care facilities (Fichman, Kohli Krishnan, 2011). Numerous mobile applications have been produced in a bid to make health care more accessible. Typically, a patient had to make physical trips for the healthcare service, and to at times queue intended for long hours prior to they may obtain medical treatment. Today, applications such as Omnifluent Health allow patients to interact with medical professionals virtually, clarify their symptoms, and acquire their diagnoses via their mobile devices (Tehrani, 2015). In addition, such software allow medical doctors to efficiently monitor all their patients’ improvement and measure the effectiveness of administered treatment plans on a continuous basis (Tehrani, 2015). Different apps including Fitbit support patients business lead healthy lives by tracking and examining their quality of sleep and activity, and then providing suggestions to help them maintain healthy lifestyles. These technological innovations aid to cut down on healthcare costs while patients will no longer have to help to make physical trips to the consultant anytime that they feel ill. Moreover, that improves the quality of care brought to patients mainly because physicians can easily monitor and make relevant changes to their very own earlier diagnostic category early enough if need be.

Moreover, social networks just like Doximity that are exclusive to get medical personnel provide means for specialists to interact practically, and obtain viewpoints on treatment and diagnoses from other doctors within the network (Katsanis, 2015). This places patients in a better position to receive the most appropriate diagnoses from their doctors following active consultations and engagement with other physicians.

ICMT in Logistics and Vehicles: GPS technology has grown tremendously in the U. S., especially in jetstream navigations and management devices (OSEC Organization Network, 2011). These technologies use mobile devices to determine geographical position, and then relay information on the same to relevant parties over a portable network (OSEC Business Network, 2011). It has

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