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As well, because of the deficiency of land

as well as the unwillingness for the Noble to maximize the potential of the land

instead relying on Muslim traditions and Western european feudal versions

agriculture has not been as prominent. Because a large mercenary armed forces was

required for protection, there was clearly therefore a purpose for a lot of

tribute and taxation to use and account the armed service aspects of the dominion

of Jerusalem. Despite these factors which will would lead to a less strong

economy, the Kingdom of Jerusalem was in a tenuous financial position yet

was able to prosper, especially in the 12th century, due to the

trade and the conclusion of the potential of trading in the Middle East.

This intended riches pertaining to the merchants, colonizers, Europeans, and nobles who

could not only taxes those from other places, although bring in new and valuable

products to Europe. As a result trade was improved considerably between The european union and the

East and the Kingdom of Jerusalem brought most of the Middle East and even

Chinese suppliers into a industrial relationship with Europe where the Kingdom of

Jerusalem plus the European kingdoms also benefited.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem as a result can be seen since having a great economy structured

largely upon trade but with agriculture and tribute likewise playing essential

roles. Also, it is significant while an economic system run by simply Europeans, being a Latin

and Christian Kingdom, in an region that was predominantly Muslim. This

resulted in while Christian and Western european feudal customs moved to the area

it became important as an area that opened up control from the Midsection East

and Asia to Europe. This early beginning of transact was essential for Europe

plus the Kingdom of Jerusalem and contributed to making trade remarkably

significant and making the Kingdom highly downtown. Furthermore, it has been

understood the Kingdom of Jerusalem, “established as a result of the

First Crusade, ” was one of the “first attempts manufactured by Europeans at

colonization” (Br? hier). This means that the economy in the Kingdom of

Jerusalem was largely the one which would become, in the future, to be known

below terms of colonization because the Europeans took over the land and

influenced the future as to what would be of benefit towards the Christian and

Latin colonizers. This is reflected in the trade agreements that helped

the Europeans, as the Muslims faced increased taxation by the Christian

Kingdom. General, the Kingdom was thus 1 based upon operate and tribute

and to a smaller extent farming, but also an early sort of an attempt

in colonization by Europeans. Simply by going into an additional region and taking

more than militarily when instituting their very own customs and economic preferences

the economy with the Kingdom of Jerusalem is an example of a colonized

economic system with the stores and the ruling classes under the guise as

Crusaders, staying economic colonizers with the intentions of maximizing

trade throughout the new countries in the East. Even the pilgrims bore the

economic burden of the Kingdom, which usually shows that economic motive was more

important than faith based reasons.

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