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Integrity, Personal Philosophy

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The dictionary definition of honesty is “The quality of being honest and having good moral rules. ” In my opinion, definitions were never good for anything other than writing documents. Ultimately, we have to integrate these definitions in our lives ahead of they become valuable. Personally, I would take the meaning of integrity one step even more: it’s the quality of being honest when no one’s seeking and having strong meaningful principles if you are the only one holding yourself dependable. What does it mean to get held dependable? Webster’s Dictionary defines “accountable” as “subject to having to report, describe or justify, being answerable or responsible. ” Once i hear “subject to” I believe it suggests little choice in the matter. I believe answerability is viewed as a consequence for poor performance which it is a principle you should fear because it can only end up hurting you.

After all, once things are wind-surfing along smoothly, people hardly ever ask “who is accountable for this achievement? ” as you assume complete responsibility and accountability to your thoughts, actions, feelings, and results you can almost immediate your very own destiny. Normally someone or something else will. To me, the real worth of liability or ethics comes from a chance to influence results before they will even happen. If we are more accountable for each of our actions and thought about the outcomes we could obtain, we all most definitely would have done something to improve a mistake when also usually trying to affect our fellow shipmates to accomplish the same. I do believe in the armed service you happen to be in a traditions where responsibility, admitting our mistakes and especially learning from these people is absolutely essential to us in life in addition to the Navy. It does not indicate you will be nearing flawlessness as a individual, but rather that you can be trustworthy with words and phrases and deeds. Doing the right thing since it is the right move to make? Of course. Should you be described simply by others as a person of integrity, would it not also adhere to that you have substantial character? Certainly, absolutely. It will take having the bravery to do the right thing, whatever the consequences will be. Building a reputation of integrity usually takes years, but it really takes simply a second to get rid of, so under no circumstances allow you to ultimately ever whatever it takes that would damage your integrity. We stay in a world where integrity isn’t talked about almost enough. We live in a world where “the end justifies the means” has become a satisfactory school of thought for a lot too many. Now think of sets of people who are presumed to have honesty. Judges, doctors, military officers, and presidents come to mind. The case, we can point out examples in each of the previous groups of unethical, immoral, and possibly even lawbreaker behavior. Just like any group”business, politics, sports, education, writing, etc . “we don’t need to search far and wide to find out similar failings. Indeed, it can be our human nature to make a mistake.

I have had various successes and shortcomings with integrity around me. I’ve also been very blessed to have got many wonderful mentors around me and see extraordinary displays of integrity, all of them examples My spouse and i strive to live up to.

One of the greatest examples of sincerity to me, actually is one of the greatest large receivers in history. On January 23rd, 1989, The S . fransisco 49ers has just won Extremely Bowl XXIII the previous time. Steve Fresh, the back-up quarterback tailing the great Joe Montana during the time, reports towards the team facilities to take care of a lot of end of post-season business. The place can be described as ghost town, apart from a number of in the entrance office. A lot of the team is either spending time with the families, relaxing, recovering from their night of running, or a combination of the aforementioned. Young looks to be able to the team’s practice discipline. He recognizes Jerry Grain, the famous number eighty. The kid via Crawford, Mississippi who gone from getting and sitting bricks, operating masonry together with his father, to catching landing passes on the biggest sports activities stage on the globe. Here he’s now, the day after winning the Super Pan out on the practice field again, running routes and perfecting his craft. Rice was genuine with him self, he was honest with the reality his amazing abilities as an sportsperson came from holding himself liable, at all times, for his efficiency. He put in the work to get great. Additionally , Rice wasn’t out there rehearsing because he assumed he was gonna receive some kind of passion, additional payment or great job for being out there, grinding following an incredible victory. He was out there because which who having been, regardless of who was watching or holding him accountable, he held him self accountable. This small anecdotal story can be an example of the sort of integrity that I strive to emulate..

Integrity comes from the Latina word ‘integer’ which means complete and contend. So honesty requires an inner sense of wholeness and persistence of character. When you are in integrity, persons should be able to visibly see it throughout your actions, words and phrases, decisions, strategies, and results. When you’re “whole” and consistent, there is merely one you. You bring the same “you” exactly where you will be, regardless of the circumstance. You don’t keep parts of yourself behind. You don’t have a ‘work you, ‘ a ‘family you, ‘ and a ‘social you. ‘ Occasionally, we don’t give themselves permission being our the case selves out of fear of what other persons think or perhaps due to a great inability to truly ‘integrate’ the different parts of themselves into about, complete entire person.

Michelle Obama said that over the course of our lives, “we learn [a lot] regarding honesty and integrity [¦] that [we] don’t consider shortcuts or play by [our] individual set of rules”. Unfortunately, I’ve tried to consider shortcuts sometimes in my life. And every once in a while, I have even tried to play by simply my own pair of rules. September of this year, I had taken a step-around. I got the easy way, the way of least resistance. I actually couldn’t be bothered to conduct a full, inspection-ready clean on an M240B so instead, I did a fundamental field clean to ensure that the weapon can be properly performing when I necessary it next, whenever the decision went on with our next convoy operation. I arranged my standard for myself too low, integrity was lacking. This definitely goes on the scoreboard among my failures.

I am just only individual and blunders and failures are inevitable, there’s undoubtedly the potential to minimize them, nevertheless they’ll always be there as long as Now i am being honest and some kind of self-reflection and introspection exists. I’m operating towards turning my failures and my shortcomings in my long term success. Failures are always wealthy with materials that we can learn from. Failures aren’t a dead end, they’re a rate bump. What allows me to expand is how I approach and move on from my failures. While I do not let failures to be in my blind spot, uninvestigated, I likewise don’t place them thoroughly and allow them to shake my confidence or destroy my own motivation intended for future interests. There are two lessons that currently come to mind from my most recent failure with integrity. The first is i need to constantly hold me to a higher standard. I should constantly go above and beyond the two what others expect of me and what I understand to be the bare minimum needed to attain a given task. Every day we are afforded the chance to make decisions for yourself. These decisions will specify the directions of our lives and decide whether existence will be some thing meaningful or possibly a complete stupidity. Approaching responsibilities and problems in life with all the bare minimum at heart is not going to lead into a meaningful or perhaps purposeful lifestyle. The second lesson that We have learned is the fact if, over the course of my job, I at any time receive instructions that are not correctly clear to me I need to seek clarification. And if clarification is not available, I must go completely above and beyond the particular standard is the fact has been placed.

When i work to minimize the failures and shortcomings in my life and show forward to celebrating the wins, I know that as long as I am just human faults are inevitable. I only hope that I can continue to study from my mistakes, while they hold me back, temporarily, and produce more help me, I realize that they are full of lessons that will aid me to get the remainder for my profession and existence. I totally agree with Standard George S i9000. Patton when he said, “I don’t assess a male’s success by how substantial he climbs but just how high this individual bounces when he hits bottom”.

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