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At a time of Great Depression everyone had dreams, everybody had their particular interpretation in the American Desire that they would strive for. But in this time hardly any dreams were attainable. Lennie is constantly getting into trouble which in turn causes George and Lennie to move in order to find new job frequently and given time and situations, not much work was available. George and Lennie search for work in the hope of achieving their very own dream of buying a small farm of their own generally seems to get further more and further aside as Lennie continuously climbs into trouble. It can be almost expected that wheresoever Lennie should go trouble certainly follows.

Curleys wife a new dream of becoming famous coulda been in the films but then the girl was dissatisfied her type of the American Dream smashed unachieved and after this deceased I never got that notification. Crooks dreams of having the same rights as everyone else. He hates functioning as a secure buck he is an intelligent black man who also doesnt reach show off his abilities due to discrimination, prejudice and segregation.

He practically has the same amount of rights since the animals he rests next to a long field filled with hay, on which his blankets were flung he’s aware of the prejudice buffer stopping him from achieving his American Dream. No person is coming remotely near to achieving all their dreams and every attempt appears to just go amiss. The fact that George and Lennie experienced this desire for so very long but appear so far away from it shows how having a dream to desire towards is pointless at this time. Optimistically regardless of many downsides they never give up expect especially Lennie, up until as soon as he died he continue to hoped of the better life not only to get him in which he could usually tend the rabbits but also for George his simply companion.

Almost all of the characters right now there have experienced solitude, at least once in your daily course. Crooks has been alone most of his your life because of the coloring of his skin, hes degraded and almost regarded as a creature. He is forces to sleep in the stables, hes not out loud into the hoke house to converse with the other workers. He is the simply black person on the ranch so he only provides himself plus the animals to hold him firm. Curley does not have any real close friends and instinctively becomes defensive over his wife. He demonstrates bitterness towards all other people he glanced coolly at George and Lennie he is inferior about his physical features for example his height.

He can also a envious man who also fears of becoming left alone this is apparent by him not allowing his better half to conversate with some other man around the ranch, worrying he will loose his only companion Any you men seen my partner?. Where the hells Slim? In order to show his authority this individual seeks to intimidate Lennie Ill explain to you whos yella. Candy needed to give up his best friend to the mercy of the gun leaving himself unhappy with no a single truly presently there for him. Things in the book seem to move from better to worse, not only do the characters have dreams that never seem to ever be happy, they are depressed and spending so much time unable to trust others actually those near them.

Even though throughout the novella there are a number of positives in to negative circumstances he appears to make every situation a mix of both. By way of example Curleys better half when 1st met an undesirable impression was set but since the story shifted you started to see the harmless side with her and become more understanding to her situation. Of Mice and Men features both depressed and positive aspects to it. Steve Steinbeck implies that despite every one of the problems and troubles facing everyone good spirit, and expectations can certainly still thrive because of the constant wish and optimism for the future.

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