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Pet cats in the Holder Poetry Composition chose this kind of song since my poem for my personal project mainly because I felt Like the story which it tells Is common in present day society. We liked this kind of song since although it is sad, they have an upbeat and extremely catchy refrain that has more deeply meaning. With many songs of today, they sacrifice deeper meaning for catchy lyrics that dont seriously mean nearly anything. I think this kind of song Is around a man that has a son although Is very active with job and never provides time for the son. The son retains on saying he is going to be much like his dad ND as he gets older, the son starts to have no coming back his daddy.

This is a really sad tune but My spouse and i enjoyed that Harry Chapin was able to tell this story in such a creative way. Harry Chapin uses multiple fictional devices Inside the song Pet cats In the Support. One fictional device would be foreshadowing. Foreshadowing Is used if the little boy says, Im goanna be like you dad, you understand Im goanna be like you. In the end of the song the son is actually too active to spend time with his dad just like the daddy was too busy to spend time with the son. Foreshadowing Is used when the son told the dad that hes going to be the just like him.

In the long run this comes true. A second literary gadget that Chapin used was symbolism, the moment Chapin says, Little boy green and the guy on the moon he is employing symbolism to refer to the boy and the father. These two icons have multiple meanings. The limited boy green is the son and the little boy blue comes from an old gardening shop rhyme. Inside the nursery vocally mimic eachother Is says little boy green come hit your car horn. I realize that the kid asking his dad to pay time with him may be the little ay blue coming his car horn and trying to get attention.

The father can be considered the man on the moon. In my opinion that the dad is represented as the man on the celestial satellite because he is constantly traveling and never has a chance to spend along with his son. Astronauts are gone from other fearfulness for years at a time and this Is could find Harry Chaplin relates the fathers constant organization trips to. This music tells of a father and son who also cant schedule time to be around each other, as well as a warning against adding your career prior to your family. The verses tell a tale of a daddy with his newborn baby son.

Although the dad gets the necessities of raising a child accomplished, this individual doesnt let himself to put in quality time along with his son as a result of his profession. This appears to be no big package because of his life operating and having to pay bills. Over time, both dad and son change functions. The father realizes his sons ambitions and goals of school, grades, and driving and wants to spend more time with him. Yet realizes that now his kid has no coming back him. In the last verse, the son is all grown up having a job and children f his own. We come across that the kid has no time to spend with his father.

Regrettably, dad understands that his boy is becoming Just like him. This music is based on a poem that Hardys better half Sandy published. Harry Introduced the music at all his concerts and said, This is certainly a song my wife had written to move me because I wasnt home the moment our son Josh was born. It took the birth of his son intended for Harry Chapin to decide to turn the poem into a tune. Harry Chapin poetry dissertation By Suitabilitys I chose this song as my composition for my personal project because I felt like the story which it tells is his track is about a guy that has a son but is very busy with work rather than has coming back the son.

The kid keeps in saying that he’s going to be Just like his father Harry Chapin uses multiple fictional devices in the song Cats and kittens in the Cradle. One fictional device would be foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is used when the little boy tune the son is always too busy to pay time together with his dad Similar to the dad was too active to spend time with the kid. Foreshadowing is utilized when the kid told the dad comes from an old setting rhyme.

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