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In Steve Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck uses a number of characters and situations to symbol a thing greater. The smoothness, Jim Casy, is portrayed as a great allegorical physique that presents Jesus Christ. Casy’s ideals and beliefs are incredibly similar to the ones from Jesus Christ. Rick Casy is used to represent Jesus Christ, and to give the people dealing with a hard time a glimpse of hope and strength. Steinbeck portrays Rick Casy while Jesus Christ. The first distinctive comparison together would be their very own initials.

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Both equally Jesus Christ and Jim Casy have the same inventeur.

They also have a strong take pleasure in for humanity and found the good in individuals. Jim Casy let people around him know that that shouldn’t be God that they ought to lean on, although on each various other.

Inside the novel, he says, “It’s appreciate. I love people so much Now i’m fit to bust, occasionally.  (23) This revealed that Casy wanted people to lean count on each other. This individual believed that people struggling jointly was by far better than one individual struggling by itself. Both Jesus Christ and Sean Casy navigate to the wilderness to get their thoughts and morals together. Casy’s main goal was to find the meaning of “holy.

Casy tells the Joad family, “An’ I entered the wilds like Him, without no campin’ products.  (81) While in the wilderness, Jim Casy realizes that holy is definitely when the human race is usa as one. This individual believed that every person was just one bit of a widespread soul and this people may only be o if we were holding united. The two Jesus Christ and Jim Casy also lost themselves to guard others. Mary Joad, who also already fully commited the criminal offenses of disregarding his parole and giving Oklahoma, knocked out a deputy. He was then quickly put in the threat of returning to jail.

Jim Casy selflessly gives to take the blame and go to jail rather than Tom so that Tom could lead the family. Last but not least, both Christ Christ’s and Jim Casy’s beliefs will be spread following their deaths. When John Casy is definitely brutally killed, Tom Joad vows to spread Casy’s beliefs upon more people. Jesus Christ and Jim Casy share a large number of similarities, some being within their names, their love pertaining to humanity, their very own wilderness experiences, and their eschew. Steinbeck shows Jim Casy as Christ in order to show that people coming together will give them hope and strength.

Steinbeck sends the message that people must always look towards a nicer future and stick with each other. He says, “But when they’re all workin’ together, not one fella for another fella, nevertheless one guy kind of harnessed to the opening shebang-that’s o.  (81) Although the Okies were being powered off their land, Casy worked hard to get the people to work together. Among the many ways Casy reaches out to people is by taking the blame and likely to jail instead of Tom. By doing so, Tom surely could carry on with his journey and guide his family as well.

This gave people the motivation to start coming together and depending on each other. Casy desperately would like to provide his persons some expect and soul that would allow them to look towards a brighter upcoming. Casy says, “I have to see these people folks which gone on the road. I managed to get a feelin’ I got to view them. They gonna helping you no preacher can give ’em.  (52) Casy knew that his purpose in life was to support those people in need. Consequently , he took every opportunity he may to help. He organized several migrants to picket outside a peach picking camp.

By working together, the migrant workers managed to retain reasonable income for their operate. Even though he knew the potential risks of likely to jail in the event that there was at any time a leader, this individual still did not stop preventing for his people. Sean Casy fought for his people right up until death. His message, nevertheless , remained surviving and touched the hearts of many with the Okies. Prior to Tom leaves his mom, he says, “But I know now a guy ain’t not good alone.  (418) This showed that Casy was successful in spreading his message. Having been able to make Tom realize the importance of the community during desperate occasions.

Though Mary was just one single person, having been sure that his people would soon get his concept. Steinbeck shows Jim Casy as Christ in order to focus on the importance of unity within a community and also to give persons enough wish and strength to allow them to proceed. Jim Casy is a symbol of Christ. He is used to give his fellow people hope and strength by working together. He has many similarities with Jesus Christ in his life and even in his death. His philosophy and suggestions provide desire and power for those in need. Steinbeck used Rick Casy to have the Okies a lot of spirit to continue and look forward to a richer future.


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