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Subculture is a segment of culture that shares distinctive habits of mores, folkways, and values that differs from your larger culture. An organization called FSU is an excellent example of subculture because whilst they have their individual rules and laws bu still considers it their very own responsibility to keep the society safe from the unfair. FSU stands for Friends Stand Combined. It is an firm in which a affiliate has to think about other people before him self. FSU users protect the other person and can go against anyone who messes with these people.

There are some facts that produces them distinguish from the remaining portion of the society. FSU group people are allowed to drink but didn’t prefer the world to drink or use drugs. They views it to get wrong and bad for the society and does stop it right away. As one of the FSU affiliate Joe Hardcore believes that the society is so bad because of the drugs, alcohol, and cigarets and the FSU group should certainly protect the young kids from this drug dealing.

One other fact that proves the FSU organization as subculture is usually their violence. FSU people consider the violence because the way to express their thoughts.

For them the violence is a opposite with the weakness. In the event that they would discover anyone struggling, they would begin and defeat everyone poorly. The event that occurred in june 2006 at Albany strongly displays how FSU member doesn’t leave anyone who dares to injure them or someone through the group. When a boy known as Brian Carlo was struggling with with some team and got mad and started out punching everybody and by possibility hit the girlfriend of your FSU member. FSU affiliate in return hopped in and started hitting him wonderful brother. That they beat them up really that Mathew Carl wound up in hospital, and died.

FSU hardly ever let the world to guy towards the violence but they had been violent themselves. The last and the most important reality about FSU members is they are extremely against unfairness and people moving on to the wrong method. This is what happen the one of the FSU founding member, Elgin James. This individual went to the college in Boston for the civil privileges studies. A single night he got crushed upon street for simply no apparent purpose so team beat him up really that next day he was present in hospital. He previously a brain damage. Seeing that, that day he didn’t got to college any more. Instead, he ended in the street.

He was treated unfair and enable himself to wrong approach. He decided not to let same thing happened again to any one in the world. For that goal he decided to make an corporation that would control the world and treat them with proper rights. As a conclusion it can be explained that FSU which stands for friends stand united, have their own design, rules, and laws. They are really distinguish from your rest of the contemporary society and the lifestyle. But , that they intend to reform the culture with their laws. They protect each other, is short for each other and devote themselves to combat foe the other person like siblings.


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