Six evidences of a fresh earth

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Facts 1 Geology: Radiocarbon in Diamonds

Far from demonstrating evolution, carbon-14 dating truly provides some of the strongest facts for creation and a earth. Radiocarbon (carbon-14) simply cannot remain naturally in chemicals for millions of years since it decays relatively rapidly. For this reason, it can just be used to obtain “ages” in the range of tens of thousands of years.

Scientists from your RATE (Radioisotopes and the Associated with the Earth) project analyzed diamonds that evolutionists consider to be 1″2 billion years old and linked to the globe’s early history. Diamonds would be the hardest well-known substance and very resistant to toxic contamination through substance exchange.

Yet the PRICE scientists uncovered significant noticeable levels of radiocarbon in these diamond jewelry, dating these people at about 55, 1000 years”a significantly cry from your evolutionary billions! For more information, find Radiocarbon in Diamonds Proved. To learn more about diamond jewelry and their creation, read this document by Doctor Andrew Snelling.

Evidence 2 Astronomy: Recession of the Moon The gravitational pull of the parish lantern creates a “tidal bulge” on the planet that causes the moon to spiral outwards very slowly. Because of this effect, the moon would have recently been closer to the planet earth in the past. Depending on gravitational makes and the current rate of recession, we are able to calculate just how much the moon has transferred away as time passes.

In case the earth is only 6, 1000 years old, there is problem, because in that time the moon might have only relocated about 800 feet (250 m). Nevertheless most astronomy books instruct that the moon is over several billion years of age, which postures a major dilemma”less than 1 . 5 billion years ago the moon may have been holding the earth! To find out more, see Tacha Recession (based on this article) as well as The Age of the World, Part 2 . We also recommend Online video on Require: Our Created Moon.

Evidence 3 Geology: Earth’s Decaying Magnetic Field

Like other exoplanets, the earth provides a magnetic field that is decaying quite quickly. We are right now able to measure the rate from which the magnetic energy will be depleted and develop designs to explain the data.

Luxurious scientists invented a “dynamo model” in the earth’s primary to explain how a field could have lasted more than such a long period of time, although this model fails to adequately explain the data intended for the speedy decay plus the rapid reversals that it offers undergone during the past. (It also cannot account for the permanent magnetic fields of other exoplanets, such as Neptune and Mercury. ) However , the creationist model (based on the Genesis Flood) efficiently and simply clarifies the data in regards to the globe’s magnetic field, providing stunning evidence the fact that earth is only thousands of years old”and not enormous amounts.

For additional information, see The Globe’s Magnetic Discipline and the Age of the Earth and section two of The Age of the Universe, Part 2 . Data 4 Biology: Dinosaur Smooth Tissue

In recent years, there have been a large number of findings of “wondrously preserved” biological materials in apparently ancient ordinary layers and fossils. The type of discovery that has left evolutionists scrambling can be described as fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex femur with versatile connective cells, branching arteries, and even intact cells!

Relating to evolutionists, these ice age tissues are definitely more than sixty five million years of age, but laboratory studies demonstrate that there is no known way”and likely non-e possible”for biological material to last more than thousands of years. Is it that evolutionists are drastically wrong about how recently these dinosaurs lived? To learn more, see “Ostrich-Osaurus” Discovery? and The Scrambling Continues. We likewise recommend this article Fossilized Biomaterials Must Be Small by Brian Thomas of ICR. Data 5 Anthropology: Human Population Growth

It’s amazing what fundamental mathematics can show us about the age of our planet. We can determine the years of human living with the human population doubling just about every 150 years (a incredibly conservative figure) to acquire an estimate of what the world’s population ought to be after any given period of time.

A biblical age of our planet (about six, 000 years) is like numbers produced by such a calculation. In contrast, even a conservative major age of 60, 000 years comes to be able to a staggering, really high determine of 12 to the 99th power”greater compared to the number of atoms in the world!

Clearly, what he claims that individuals have lived on the earth pertaining to tens of thousands of years is ludicrous! For a better look at these types of calculations, find Billions of Persons in Many years?.

Evidence six Geology: Securely Folded Mountain Strata

When sound rock can be bent, this normally fractures and fractures. Rock can simply bend devoid of fracturing in the next softened simply by extreme warming (which triggers re-crystalization) or when the sediments have not yet fully solidified. There are numerous locations around the world (including the famous Grand Canyon) in which we notice massive parts of strata which have been tightly collapsed, without proof of the sediments being heated up. This is a major problem for evolutionists who imagine these rock layers were laid down gradually over vast years of time, creating the geologic record. Yet , it makes perfect sense to creationists who have believe these layers were formed quickly in the global, catastrophic Avalanche described in Genesis. To find out more, see Rock and roll Layers Folded away, Not Broken. Does the age of the earth seriously matter?

When each of these evidences reveals reasons why the earth can not be billions of years of age, the real issue is not the age of our planet. Instead, the actual issue is definitely authority. God’s infallible Word must be our ultimate authority, not the unstable first step toward human reasoning. Are all of us trying to in shape our understanding of the world (e. g., evolution) into Bible verses, or will certainly we just let Our god speak to get Himself through His Phrase?

If we can’t trust the first chapters of Genesis, why should we feel when Scripture says that faith in Jesus Christ while the only way of salvation? (Romans 10: 9, Acts some: 12, Steve 14: 6) But when we take Scripture because written, really clear the fact that earth can not be more than a few 1000 years old”and from a biblical worldview, the medical evidence wants!

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