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Situation Summary

Antwerpen Imporor Company., Ltd, a leading import business in Belgium, received the sales certificate of a new high-class make of shoes called Lightfoot recently. The Lightfoot was developed to significantly increase the way of present day life style.

Lightfoot will probably be positioned as a high-end merchandise both in trend style and comfort. The item will be sold via organization website, and 5 stores located in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Brugge and Leuven. The product will be introduced to market simply by August the year 2003.

The actual market pertaining to Lightfoot is extremely promising in Belgium. Athens has the sixth highest every capita cash flow in the world. In 2002, Belgium had a every capita charge of approximately $22, 941. Therefore, Belgians consume a high level of disposable cash flow and have the financial means to consider life style, the strongest development sector in the Belgian expenses. Future intake market ought to still still increase.

The economical projection to get year one particular is a net margin of 2, 825, 500. 00 EURO.

The management and sales force affiliates have a strong background in the fashion market. The General Manager was past the former organization development director for Shoeslock, the Director of Sales and Marketing was earlier chief product sales manager intended for Nike Belgium.


Mission: To lead the market of quality shoes/fashion industry in Belgium with an purpose of achievement in both brands and earnings.


In the first fiscal 12 months

lto reach the moderate selling price in a average of 225. 00 Euro for ladies, and 265. 00 Euro for Men respectively

lto reach the total sales of 8, 675, 000. 00 Euro because the turnover

lto reach a seventy five. 00 Euro of net margin for Ladies, and eighty five. 00 European for Men respectively

lto occupy a 30% with the market share

lto build the general public brand recognition in the trend industry of Belgium

Inside the second monetary year

lto reach a 20% raising of the revenue

lto reach a 20% of the net margin

lto occupy a 35% from the market share


The product is obviously out to address the demands of the high end consumer, who will be willing to pay more for top quality. In the particular market

the Lightfoot delivers consumer, so what? about design and style and quality lifestyle style, a mix of highest quality item and excellence of design, at a comparatively high price.

Way of measuring Success

The minimal price of sale will probably be at 240. 00 Pound for Ladies and 265 Euro for Gentlemen. The yield for the first season will be 15, 000 pairs of female shoes and 20, 500 pairs of man shoes with a net margin intended for 75 Pound per couple of ladies and 85 Euro every pair of guys.


Our product sales strategy is located mainly on making the right information open to the right target customers. We all cant manage to sell people on the expensive item, because most do not have finances. What we really do is to make sure that those who have budget and prefer the product understand that it exits, and know where to find it.

The marketing has to convey the sense of top quality and style in every picture, every promotion, and every distribution. We can’t afford to appear in second-rate catalog with poor designs that make the merchandise look lower than it is.

Advertising Strategy

The product will be promoted greatly at the the year 2003 Fall fashion Show in October, to begin with to build brand awareness inside the overall trend market. A special open invite session and cocktail reception will be kept at the end of day with the fashion present to present and demonstrate the product, centering on its design and style and benefit.

An immediate mail plan will begin rigtht after the fashion present with special limited prices discounts for those on the mailing list who also attend the special demo session.

Printing advertising campaign will begin in November with prominent location in the display program. This kind of campaign will probably be continuing through May 2005.

Email and internet campaign will begin in November, a link towards the Lightfoot site will be included.


MilestonesStart DateEnd DateBudgetDepartment

Listing Placement09/15/0310/15/031, 1000 EuroAds

Land Fashion Show10/26/0310/30/032, 500 EuroPR and Product sales

Direct Mail Campaign11/01/0311/15/03500 EuroOther

Advertising11/01/0305/01/045, 000 EuroAds and Sales

Web Campaign11/15/0310/15/046, 000 EuroSales

Research and Development

Significant effort will probably be placed on the investigation for future development to keep to build around the Lightfoot production. Research will be done both internally through marketing division and through professional exploring institutes to determine the customer needs outside of current product offering.

Study into cool product demands will start in May of 2004. The brand new product circuit will be timetabled to begin more than 7 years ago based on studies from the May well research.

Headers and Material of the Websits of Lightfoot

Regarding the web site

Design (the graphics, the colors, the layout, the typeface and photographs)

II. Content

Contact information

Our business region



Condition and delivery

Information about the stores

Regarding Lightfoot


To be basic user friendly

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