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Characters’ Name: Jeffery Lionel Magee- (Maniac Magee), Amanda Beale, Mars Club Thompson, Steve McNab, Piper McNab, Russell McNab, Earl Grayson, Mrs. Beale, Hester, Lester. Personalty Traits: Maniac Magee, the main character, features very kind and a nice personality. He is also daring, and dependable and very athletic. Physical Features: Jeffery’s father and mother died with a car accident if he was 3 years old. andout Questions: Fanatic Magee, existed with his father and mother until having been 3 years aged.

His parents died within a car accident. After that he lived with his uncle Dan, and aunt Appear in. He still left his granddad and great aunt when they had been annoying inside the school auditorium. He traveled to far away, following he still left. He wished to find a house that will be perfect for him.

Generally there he experienced many problems that this individual overcame, such as a race operating backwards. Maniac is very athletic, he is also nice. This individual met many people that enjoyed him of his amazing advantages. All he wanted can be described as home wherever it would be perfect for him. He made the west end (white side) plus the east end (black side) be jointly.

Climax: Fanatic needs a fresh home. Resolution: Maniac finds a home, the Beale’s family said he can stick to them. Fanatic also built the east side plus the west part be collectively.

Would you change anything about the storyplot: I would replace the part where Grayson dies because Grayson loved Fanatic as much as maniac loved Grayson. It feels that way Grayson believed as a grandpa to Maniac. Opinion: The best part I like about the publication is that once Maniac received the contest against Mars Bar by making backwards. The least I liked about this publication is that when ever Maniac’s father and mother died, so when Grayson perished. The part that truly received attention is when they perished, and it feels like anything worse will probably happen when is parents passed away.

I visualized this book very well because this publication was really interesting, and even though this guide is faction it sounds real. I would recommend this guide to learners that are in 5th to 8th graders because it teaches you about how hard it can be while you are an orphan and how the west side and the east side gathered.

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