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Therefore the consumer wins so does nokia, as nokia once again are satisfying the need of support their customers request in addition to Conclusion, Marketing isn’t only a posh name for offering; in fact selling is area of the marketing component. It is the procedure for communicating; advertising is the delivery of a merchandise to the possible client, converting them into real customers.

Whilst it can be believed that promoting is a posh name pertaining to selling, the difference that separates both areas is noticeable through basic definition and actual process. In order to offer, the consumer must want, need and afford the product, therefore with no process of research, development and catering to the consumers needs, (Marketing) – Selling will not be since profitable. A great organisation that fails to present marketing will permit itself as a business that may be hoping to basically sell usana products by having this available, assuming the consumers will order its product.

Whereas a great organisation that adapts the marketing principle, caters for the consumer’s wants, needs, budget range, customer service, through the research of its goal and the progress these aims, along with achieving the organization goals from the calculated income it ‘Intends’ to make preceding sale. Making use of the example of Nokia, it is clearly evident that an organisation can only obtain around the world success throughout the power of marketing. Should Nokia simply launch products to a store with no communicating with it is consumers, the organisation would be no best than a marketplace stall that may be ‘attempting’ to Sell its products.

Rather, Nokia market segments its brands and as a result features successfully pre sold the brand with complete familiarity with its buyers wants and wishes. For example Nokia markets and provides products due to the Personal and Business buyers where as a great organisation offering phones, could simply have a variety ‘for sale’. Finally, advertising is the technique of identifying a purpose and communicating a message concerning satisfaction of the need by using a product to its client.

The advertising process explains to the market of who you are and what you do, even though the sales process begins when a formal offer for services has become made, and concludes if the offer can be accepted or perhaps rejected. In summary, Marketing isn’t just a classy name intended for selling; actually selling is definitely part of the advertising component. A great organisation may improve their marketing actions through implementing the marketing concept because this will: * Develop crucial competencies of knowledge, experience, determination and marketing and sales communications * Develop strategies through overcoming parts of weakness or perhaps threats by competitors through understanding the needs/wants of their buyers * Maintain the organisations eye-sight, focus is vital for the development of objectives plus the achievement of those objectives 2. Allows a great organisation to Define, Develop and Deliver Customer Value which in turn will create greater buyer loyalty resulting in profit creation

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