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All around the world ingesting beverage is much like an entertainment for everyone. Huge numbers of people have beverages everyday intended for refreshment. Our report is all about the Energy Refreshments of Bangladesh.

In this report we have discussed and examined how some of the five best selling energy drink companies are within Bangladesh. Energy drinks are becoming a major area of the beverage sector due to the rapid increase with their market competition and client awareness. In Bangladesh, Gambling and Rate are the most well-known amongst all the other energy drinks. Most of the strength drink firms act and carry out their marketing plans in similar ways. More innovative measures are required to enhance their market share.

The purpose of this record is to check out the present current condition of energy beverage market in Bangladesh, key competitors our company is likely gonna face and just how we are going to defeat the problems in the market once we will start a new strength drink named Spirit’. With the aid of effective promoting mix and other strategies we are going to target the young people of Bangladesh to sell our merchandise. We have completed a clear competitive analysis to take advantage of the disadvantages of our opponents and options of the market.

We are very likely going to spend hugely initially of launching our item to inform the customers about our item. As a cool product company our company is promising each of our customers to provide a unique merchandise which will let them have energy together with the excitement to take pleasure from their lives. Section you: Current Market Evaluation 1 . one particular: Top 5 brands in the market (how we find it) We have surveyed in a few of the parts of Dhaka metropolis, like Farmgate, Motijheel, Uttara, Gulshan; to find out the names of five many top selling strength drinks.

In line with the survey we now have seen Tiger, Rate, Shark, Tingle and Increase are most popular inside the energy beverage industry of Bangladesh. We all went to distinct departmental shops as unknown shoppers and randomly mentioned the drinks each store offers and found out the brands of the energy drinks buyers tend to buy more. 1 ) 2: Merchandise Analysis -Product Level Product progressing is the initially and most significant step used by product organizers to add more customer benefit to their products. It includes 3 main amounts: Core Client Value, Actual Product and Augmented Item. Core Buyer Value The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind if they talk about strength drink is definitely source of power’.

In Bangladesh, all the energy drink companies fundamentally have the same main customer benefit, which is mainly about replenishing the energy of their customers through providing these their strength drinks. Yet , different brands use different mottos to ascertain their buyer value. For example: Shark’s slogan says, Real Energy, Genuine Power; consist of case Speed’s motto says, Heavy Energy.

This way every single products motto varies from one another and creates a different look at about the item in their clients mind. Real Product This level includes Manufacturer, Packaging and Product Attributes. Under Merchandise Attribute comes: Product Features, Design and Quality with the product. i. Brand name: A brandname name is definitely an identification of a product, without this no merchandise will even are present. Each name brand establishes their particular uniqueness using their different labels, signs and logos.

All of the energy drink companies possess a brand brand of their products, which differentiates each of them from their competitors. The names Royal Tiger’, Boost Energy Drink’, Speed’, Shark’ and Sting’ each of them stands as a brand term for their product, marketed by different producers. ii. Presentation: Packaging details the way an item is shielded using a container or wrapper and at the same time gives all the required information regarding an item. The energy beverages Tingle, Speed, Shark and Tiger are all available in both containers and wine bottles.

Only Enhance is available in metal can in the market. iii. Item Features and Designs: Features clarify the tools which will enable a certain energy drink to gain competitive advantage above other strength drinks. The equipment include design, smell, taste and color of each energy drink. The designs of Sting, Acceleration, Shark, Improve and Tiger energy beverages are more or less a similar. They are generally available in two forms and two forms, one in a round formed plastic container (250 ml) and another in cylindrical steel may (250/270 ml).

They all style sweet, anticipate from Tiger and Boost; which likes sour as well. iv. Top quality: Speed, Gambling, Shark, Improve and Tingle have been keeping a good regular of quality by providing proper amount of one’s to their clients and supporting them to deal with strenuous activity. However , no matter what the quality level is; over consumption of energy drinks can always demonstrate harmful pertaining to human beings (even though they could be alcohol free).

Augmented Product There is no after-sales service, delivery service or product support for these perishable products (like energy drinks). Labeling Labeling is the most important part of every single energy beverages. It shows about the constituents of the product, who built the product, safety issues regarding the merchandise and the website of the company. Speed, Gambling, Shark, Sting and Improve all preserve an informative and classy labeling to assist their customers to help make the right choice.

Their elements contain Soft Water, Carbonated Sugar, Vitamins, Preservatives, Colors, Antioxidant, Sodium Benzoate, Ca-D-Pentothenate, Citric acid, Tartrazine Discolored and many other items according to the regular or allowable level. They even mention on their labeling that, it can be harmful for the children and pregnant women. However , they can be manufactured by diverse companies. Speed’ is produced by Food And Beverage Limited, Shark’ is definitely manufactured by Global Beverage Business Limited, Sting’ is made by Transcom Refreshment Limited, Tiger’ is produced by AST Beverage Limited and Boost’ is definitely manufactured by Increase Drinks Limited.

Brand Setting Among the challenging items for the power drink firms to do is, to create a long lasting place in the customers mind about a particular manufacturer. To do this, all of these energy beverage companies have to locate their particular brands in 3 amounts i actually. Product characteristics ii.

Benefits iii. Morals and Values. i. Product Attributes: Even though Tiger, Acceleration, Shark, Boost and Scam all have the common colour of the drink yellow-colored; their smell is very not the same as each other. Increase tastes bitter, Tiger tastes both sour and fairly sweet, Sting preferences like blood and the Shark and Speed flavor sweet. ii. Benefits: The regular benefit any kind of consumer can easily gain by having a power drink is, spiritual force’ which can make them even more active inside their daily life. Nonetheless, every energy drink provides it’s own way to inform about their benefits to their loyal customers.

Royal Tiger’ benefits their customers by recharging their particular energy actually, Boost’ will help their customers with being more efficient, Sting’ supplies their customers with vitamins and also other nutrients, Shark’ strengthens the stamina of their customers and Speed’ enhances the concentration and gratification level of the individuals who are eating it. iii. Beliefs and Principles: Satisfaction originates from the main belief that consumers keep in their brains about a specific product. Consumers believe Sting’ and Tiger’ can give them pleasure with better taste, Boost’ will boost their energy, Shark’ will give them actual power and Speed’ will assist them gain extra acceleration.

This way clients share their various beliefs and value for every energy refreshments differently. 1 ) 3: Value Analysis Size of the Bottle of wine Product Brand 250 milliliters 270 milliliters 330ml Speed 25 BDT Shark 25 BDT Trick 25 BDT Boost Tiger 25 BDT Size of the Can easily Product identity 250 milliliters 270 ml 330 milliliters Speed 31 BDT Shark 35 BDT Sting -Boost 170 BDT Gambling 30 BDT 1 . some: Promotion Analysis Advertising: Advertising is among the most crucial component to a company’s marketing mixture. It is the first step to inform and aware common people or the concentrate on group of buyers about a product a particular firm is offering.

The five strength drink businesses Acceleration, Tiger, Shark, Sting and Boost; they all are between the intro and progress stage with their product life circuit. At this stage they are only informing the customers of their product which includes their benefits. Basically all the companies are following the same way to promote goods and these are some of the most common media stations used by these people for carrying out promotion television, car radio, newspapers, mags and internet. Target Group: Energy drink companies mainly target difficulties districts of Bangladesh. The neighborhood companies, like Rate, Tiger include distributed their products in country areas too to attract a wide array of customers.

Strength drinks are mostly used by the individuals who are between the age bracket of 16-30, because they comparatively need to know more energy in each and every step of their lives. So all of the companies aim to concentrate on them and make the item according for their needs to deliver complete fulfillment through their very own energy drinks. Their system is priced quite cheaply, so that people of different classes can buy them. Almost all of the energy drinks are stated to be halal while taking into consideration the religious and social problems of Bangladesh.

Message and Effect of the advertisements: Meaning (Add Story) Each company make their advertising differently although their objective remains the same, which is to advise the customers regarding the product. Here are several of the ad stories in the five strength drink corporations 1 ) Speed In one of Speed’s advertisements, they have demonstrated some folks were hoping to get up on a bamboo bedding for the whole time without getting exhausted. Their slogan is Heavy Energy’.

In other words, they are applying emotional charm. In papers, they post a picture through the screen taken of their adverts and make use of the same motto, so that people can get a definite brand know-how. They do not have got any company ambassador for his or her product and they are constantly sending out the notion to their consumers how Rate can let all of them gain endless energy. 2 . Shark There is an advertisement of Shark 20 takay Dhaka’, they demonstrated a guy kicked another person coming from Chittagong and sent him to Dhaka after having Shark energy drink.

They can be using the slogan Real Strength, Real Power’. In their advertisements they use the rational appeal to attract clients. They have simply no brand legate, because they are certainly not still going for intensive or perhaps aggressive promo. 3. Sting -. Inside the television advertising campaign there was 1 young youngster who visited a shooting spot with the expectation of being a superstar. About that time one director was taking the taken of using a motor bike on that spot.

Displaying that the fresh boy shifted forward to achieve that shot nevertheless the director would not allow him and insulted him that built the young boy very frustrated. After that the director was supposed to produce that taken with the main character but sadly the hero failed to drive the motor cycle. Then the representative asked the crowd who could do the shot. The first fresh boy showed up the bravery and did that shot within a fantastic approach.

Everybody praised him a whole lot. They started out celebrating the happiness jointly by grooving with tingle energy beverage. They were vocal Sting, Sting, Sting Ullasher Shuru Ekhanei. They are employing rational charm in their advertising In the a radio station advertisement that they play precisely the same jingle.

In newspaper the marketers utilize the picture of 250ml jar of tingle energy beverage and write their ring. They give the same ad in gossip columns too. In billboards and posters, the marketers put the picture in a big approach that they use for magazine and mag.

4. Boost In a single ad they have shown that a young person, probably old 20 was walking along the roadside, around the background hip hop music will go on (sign of young generation). The lyrics was talking about getting energy, confidence and success. The guy acquired his the neck and throat tattoed and wore a sunglass, displaying the style of new youth style.

He went into a chain store, went to the refrigerator, there are other drinks (e. g. red rooster and reddish colored bull); although he picked up BOOST, in that case he bought it for, got away, drank that and got him self recharged plus the soundtrack was saying like he could fly now. So this can be one example of their rational advertisements. They have not really used any brand delegate yet because of their product in Bangladesh, and these two advertising are not also shown in Bangladeshi channels, they are only available in You tube. 5. Tiger The gambling energy drink has merely one advertisement which can be very popular.

The manufacturer ambassador Aiyub bachchu is the model intended for the advertisement. The advertisement showed that, when the well-known singer Aiyub Bacchu joined a party, the audience requested him to sing a music. But during that time Aiyub Bacchu felt exhausted and tired. So this individual needed to boost himself to get strength.

So he took tiger and then did a tune with more electricity and dynamic voice. This way they make an effort to attract clients by using the realistic approach. In addition they do the airwaves advertisement with all the song of Aiyub Bacchu. In billboard advertisement they will promote their motto Recharge Yourself’.

Effect Different advertisements effect’s consumers differently. In general, many of these advertisements encourage people to buy their products. When people get pleased with one item, they discuss positive things about it, by doing this companies can enjoy the benefits of -word of mouth area. Customers get acquainted with through these kinds of advertisements just how their day-to-day lives are going to be benefitted if they have these strength drinks.

Personal selling: Personal selling has ceased to be considered as providing door to door services. It is a very much wider concept nowadays. Corporations not only all their sell their product to the customers, they also build a loyal relationship with them. To keep on and to get maintaining this kind of a relationship, companies must be ready to manage different challenges their customers include regarding their product. However, none of such five energy drink corporations do those inside Bangladesh.

They can be more focused about advertising only. Sales advertising: In general, strength drink corporations do not provide any special discount on their product to enhance their sales. Companies offer incentives with their channel users to keep their very own product from the the front range of their shelves, so that buyers choose to contain it by first looking at it. At times they give energy drink automatically to the consumers, because it associated with customers feel the product is of high quality and that is why the salesman is offering that to these people. Besides people generally usually do not look out for items those are kept at the rear of the shelves, as it will very likely be highly time consuming.

Advertising do also contribute to generate the sales level occasionally. Though there are many other ways to promote sales, the power drink businesses mainly adhere to these two methods to carry out their particular sales promo activity. General public Relation: To operate in this digital world it is very important for firms to maintain an excellent relation with both their internal and external publics, model shareholders, customers. Some of the energy drink companies arranges concerts and sponsors tv programs to socialize closely using their customers. Example this past year Tiger organized one live show in Doha.

Each of the five companies uses different and unique trademarks for their merchandise. non-e are involved in performing conferences or giving report. Buzz marketing is also a tool used by these companies to improve all their relations with all the general public and promote their particular product as well. Direct Advertising: Energy beverage companies have their official websites, but their 2 not very successful in Bangladesh. In big shopping malls or in other areas, none in the energy drinks are available in vending machines.

These items are not also sold by companies directly over on the net or through the use of telephone. The only way they accomplish direct promoting is through placing the advertisements videos in You Pipe. The energy beverage companies still lack great purchaser assistance, example no service or establishments provided to give complaints as well as to share ideas about the product face to face with the customers. Campaign Mix Approach: The demand for energy drink is not very high in Bangladesh.

Thus all the companies of these five energy beverage companies use the push technique. Manufacturers agreement with bulk suppliers or suppliers to pass straight down their products to their final consumers and also to inspire customers to get the products. Occasionally manufacturers offer incentives to the channel associates to promote their very own product too. Section 02: Marketing strategy for a new company Figure: Spirit Energy Beverage Figure: Logo of Spirit Energy Drink 2 . 1: Introducing a brand new brand for energy drink After analyzing the modern day market current condition of energy beverages in Bangladesh, we have develop a new idea of introducing a new brand for energy beverage. The name of our energy drink will probably be SPIRIT Energy Drink’.

This new energy beverage will ideally win the hearts of the target customers and you should them with the new taste and value of our product that we going to present. This energy drink will not only make people energetic physically, it will likewise motivate them spiritually to go ahead within their lives confidently. The slogan of our strength drink is usually ignites you by inside’. With this slogan we gives our buyers the idea of just how Spirit strength drink can also add more liveliness in their lives.

The name of our company is Nature Beverage Limited and we are using Spirit Strength Drink’ as our product’s logo. We have used photo of a person inside the company logo to show each of our customers that which we are trying to claim through the motto. roduct’inkurny can be gy of Shark and make them even more active. clients tend to acquire more. 20202020202020202020202020202020.

2 . a couple of: Design web marketing strategy for the newest brand i. Segmentation We is going to segment the marketplace of Heart energy drink on the basis of location, demography, psychography and tendencies. Geographic Segmentation: We are going to serve Spirit energy drink in hopes of the people of Bangladesh. We will offer Nature energy drink within the several territories of Bangladesh, like- Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Barisal, Sylhet, Rangpur and Comilla.

We will be choosing these areas because these are the greatest district of Bangladesh and a lot of the people live in these kinds of places. All of us will offer the product through every individual area, starting from the departmental retailers to the small local and street stalls. We are providing Spirit both in urban and rural areas as well. Market Segmentation: The market will be divided into teams based on factors such as era, gender, family life cycle, occupation and education.

We intend to offer the product to both man and female who have are between your ages of 15 to 30. Our company is especially supplying the product towards the university going students, corporate persons and athletes as well. Our item will be pertaining to the people coming from all religion since it will be product is 100% halal.

Psychographic Segmentation: Spirit energy drink is perfect for the classes of people who fall under top lowers, doing work class, middle section class and upper middles. We are going to make use of personality variables to section market just like the gregarious and ambitious people. Behavioral Segmentation: We will be segmenting the market of Spirit strength drink based on occasions and benefits. In summer it remains scorching in the middle of the morning and for that point we will offer a special give to the consumers called Make Your Mind Cool.

People are certain to get the same energy drink at a lower price during this time. We will give persons other rewards like- were not using preservatives in our product and our merchandise will be practical for absolutely free themes. ii. Targeting We will certainly target the market within the segmentation. We could mainly aimed towards Dhaka because, it is the capital city of Bangladesh and remarkably populated and urbanized. Inside Dhaka, we could targeting mainly the young adults and adults whom are the university students.

Female learners are going to be an element of it as well, because the size and expansion rate with this segment is definitely high. As there is gonna be other substitute products and tough opponents of Spirit energy beverage in the market, we will offer the product directly by establishing some momentary stores of Spirit strength drink in the campus of some big and renowned universities. This will help to us gain competitive benefits over our rivals and make people conscious of our merchandise.

We is going to explain regarding the benefits about our item and give other information’s concerning our product. Making persons believe that the product is several will be the main target. We will offer the same merchandise at the same price to all the segmented clients. iii.

Positioning Our product’s motto can be Ignites you from inside, by this motto we are planning to make people assume that, Spirit energy drink promotes people to move on no matter what ever situation that they face in their lives. Our product will always remove the frustration from the two their body and heart. Spirit is usually alcohol cost-free and will be built and designed attractively to draw our clients. In this way we will identify and create a unique image of our product in our consumer’s mind. iv. Marketing Mix (4p)?

Design and information of the item Client Value and Brand Name: The very first thing that we are considering about the product before we place it in the market is, it’s primary benefit or perhaps core beliefs. Customers always seek out pertaining to the benefit plus the reason behind investing in a product. They will always value the experience they will get following using it.

In order to enter the industry and building our brand successfully, we will provide the many refreshing and unique strength drink; that will spread liveliness and generate more pleasure in our buyers life. They’re not going to only if you buy one Spirit strength drink, they will buy one reason to hold on to becoming strong and face everything with more spirit in their lives. The brand term of our product isSpirit Energy Drink’. We now have named the product Spirit because it is simple to remember and meaningful simultaneously. It will help absolutely free themes to distinguish and compare our product by others.

Merchandise Features and Design: Each of our energy container will be made in the shape of the space shuttle, with a combination of red and black color to give the igniting image. We will design our can easily just like additional energy drink cans, which can be made up of metal body having a cylindrical shape. In the middle of the two can and bottle, the name of your product will probably be written horizontally. The whole bottle and can will be black in color as well as the name drafted in treasure white. The shining celebrities above the term will give this a shining and gleaming image.

The guy browsing the middle of the name will exhibit the idea that Spirit strength drink has the capacity to bring back everybody from night and add fresh value with their lives. Just like all other strength drink, Spirit’s taste will probably be sweet and sour as well as the color of the drink will be red wine color. Packaging and Labeling: We all plan to do very careful and colourful packaging to attract our goal customers. The products are going to be very well packaged and covered in order that it stays safeguarded in every condition. All the important information’s will probably be written figure of bottle of wine and can.

Product packaging will be done in two ways: 1 ) Plastic bottle 300ml (Normal Packaging) 2 . Steel Can 270ml (Prestigious Packaging). Important warnings will be provided, like it could be harmful for pregnant women and children. Developing and Expiring dates will be written on the covers to warn the consumers about the product’s validity. Most significantly, the ingredients we intend to use happen to be Soft water, Refined sugar, Salt Citrate, Salt Benzoate, Vitamin B3, Supplement B6, Touraine, Citric Chemical p, Preservatives, Antioxidant, Ca-D-Pentothenate, Tartrazine, Mixed Fruit Flavor, Meals Grade Flavour, Food Colors. There will be a Nutrition Truth chart as well, describing the nutritious material.

Energy80 etiolement. Proteino gm Saturated acontecimento gm Total fat o gm Salt 20mg Sugar20 gm Carbohydrate 20. your five gm Cholesterol0 gm Nutritional Fibero general motors Product Top quality: Providing our customers while using best quality of energy drink is our prime purpose. We now have made sure our energy beverage does not include any harmful substances.

It really is alcohol free of charge and free of every possible dangerous effects. With all the amazing preference and other features, we ensure that our clients will be happy and buy Nature more frequently.?? Design of pricing plan. Spirit is in the advantages stage of it’s product life cycle and know the competition of energy beverage companies is rising daily in Bangladesh. We uses cost-plus prices for Nature energy drink, considering the present market and demand for strength drink.

Though the demand of energy drink in our country is increasing with time, our method still under pure competition, as there are previously some other energy drinks in our local market. We will even consider opponents strategies and prices, how they collection their rates and how very much they charge from the intermediaries and buyers. We will certainly focus on our target clients willingness and ability to spend on an energy drink. After thinking about the above problems we are charging 35tk pertaining to 270ml can and 30tk for 300ml bottle from our customers.

For the 270ml can, our production is definitely 30tk and after setting a normal markup to the cost we will be charging 32tk from our wholesalers, wholesalers charges you 33. 5tk to the suppliers and finally the retailers will be sell the drink for 35tk u the customers. Pertaining to 300ml bottle of wine, our production cost per bottle can be 25tk along with setting a typical markup for the cost the wholesalers will certainly buy each bottle in 27tk from your us. Bulk suppliers will charge 28. 5tk to the retailers and lastly the retailers will sell this at 30tk each bottle to the clients.

In short, we are charging the price for our merchandise moderately to attract huge number of buyers to buy it. It will help all of us to maintain a minimum level of profits for functioning and keep jogging our organization.? Design of advertising activities Advertising: For creating awareness and informing the consumers about our product we are going to advertise in more than one multimedia.

Our goal is to carry out mass advertising to cover the most number of people in Bangladesh. Some of the major multimedia channels through which we will be promoting are television, radio, newspapers, online press and billboards. Television and internet are definitely the most fastest and powerful media channels to promote product, as most of the people dedicate their period on these types of. Newspapers although have large believability, will not last for long periods of time.

Beginning from the poor unfounded people of the society for the educated ones, everyone listens to a radio station. Therefore a radio station is also a very effective way to succeed in a huge number of customers at the same time. Add story While broadcasting on television, all of us will show a random university student is resting on a chair and shed deep inside in the sheer thoughts of faltering in exam.

Then suddenly one of his friends may come to him and give him a Soul energy drink. After getting the energy beverage the young man will leap off and scream ardently that he’s not going to quit. He will get motivated and feel more energized although doing his studies.

He will probably realize that he can study for a longer time and give even more concentration in the studies following drinking the Spirit strength drink. In that case finally when the results emerge, he will the actual top cause his university. He will after that become incredibly happy and appreciate just how Spirit strength drink provides helped him to achieve this achievement in life. That way we will certainly draw realization to the put.

In magazines and billboards we will use the same young man, who will be smiling and holding a Spirit energy drink; offerring the same communication about each of our product’s motto. In radio channels all of us use the same jingle which we will show in television set. As we will be launching a fresh product available in the market, we want to offer the same concept to our target customers. It can help them to get yourself a clear and specific thought of our company and that which we intend to offer.

Our advertisements is designed in both psychological and rational way. Psychologically we are demonstrating the customer, they can move on within their lives by using Spirit and rationally were giving them the concept Spirit strength drink will work for their overall health, as it raises concentration and strength. Revenue Promotion: Product sales promotion is yet another major step we can carry out to encourage our customers to get our product more frequently. Sales promotion can be carried out in many ways giving discounts, giving lotteries, pop-up provides, etc . All of us will give bonuses to the people of our channels to keep our strength drink ahead of the shelves out of all stores we will supply.

Consumers buys the merchandise that are held in front area, because people come with an idea that high quality things are usually kept at the front end and they will not need to search for other product while that would be time intensive. In times of events like Eid, we will announce lower price rates or extra offers. We all will sell our products looking at colleges, educational institutions and major shopping malls. As a result we will be revealing our product more for the public and can gain larger chances of offering our merchandise, thus making more revenue. Besides, non-e of our opponents are doing this stuff, so we are able to gain competitive advantage above them too.

Personal selling: Energy beverage is a convenience product, in fact it is quite impossible to reach the mass people by employing a large number of employees intended for selling the product. This process is very slow and high-priced. So we can not be selling our products personally. We will employ experts in offices, who will deal with customer’s view’s and problems.

This way we will certainly personally provide/sell our support them alongside selling each of our product. Advertising: At the very first level we can arrange a press convention to inform everybody about each of our product. Press media is very crucial, since interacting with them positively will certainly encourage them to showcase our item more creatively and efficiently to our clients. This way we are able to also have competitive advantage over our opponents.

We is going to organize diverse concerts and sponsor tv programs, this will give to us an open platform to communicate more tightly with our clients and build a very good relation with them. Direct marketing: We could planning to wide open a Fb page along with our recognized website in which we is going to encourage people to share their very own views regarding our merchandise. This will help us to keep track of the customers effect towards each of our product. None of the other strength drink companies are doing much of these activities, so it is an easier way to grab a wide array of customers and market share that way.

Online marketing can be therefore better and fast way of direct marketing when it comes to receiving our customers reactions, complaints and comments and adapting to the people changes to continue to keep surviving and growing. Promotion Mix approach: We uses push technique for Spirit energy drink. Contracting with different bulk suppliers and stores will help all of us to provide sufficient supplies atlanta divorce attorneys convenient and targeted spots. We can give them offers to promote and provide our merchandise more frequently towards the customers.?

Design of distribution activities- We is going for intensive distribution intended for Spirit energy drink, mainly because we want to provide stock each of our product in as many outlets as possible. We would like to ensure that each of our products should be available in which and when customers want them. As the product is fresh in the market, all of us will immediately offer our product towards the target consumers. We will be providing our Nature energy beverage to the consumers through wholesalers and suppliers.

Within our limited resources we all cannot afford to acquire our own circulation facilities, like facilities and dealers and to hire sales people and support stuffs. We would rather contract while using wholesalers, in order that they will take those extra costs and hazards. Our concentrate on customers are definitely the young university students, that is why we could contracting with retailers.

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