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With over more than a decade of civilian government, would someone please point to virtually any tangible or credible advancement in our land apart from the more than inflated GSM services which has been done by the Obasanjo authorities and only one or two state governors performing over par. The rest are just useless, this has been the case with every democratic dispensation right from the initially republic. The first republic was a little bit better, save some regions.

The 2nd, third plus the current vegetation are blatant real thieves in agbada and babariga. Shame within the lot of them. I prefer the military while least we understand where we stand and exactly how far we can misbehave.

Many infrastructural innovations in the country where done beneath the military program e. g. the popular lagos-ibadan highway Gowon, the plan was to make that expressway all the way to ilorin. lagos airport terminal (known today as MMIA) Gowon building of petrol refineries Gowon 3rd Landmass bridge Babangida effective legislation & purchase Buhari dealing with foreign firms (e. g British Airways) Abacha ordinary level exchange rate Abacha festac nigeria Obasanjo -operation feed the nation Obasanjo Record is countless, but the civilian government authorities have been just too merciless, taking large pays and doing nothing at all. Someone may help us verify, how various bills had been passed last year, instead they are always eager or will certainly fight in case their allowances happen to be being contested Unfortunately and this is sad, we in Nigeria are generally not yet ready or intellectually developed to work a democratic government What is needed is indeed a tough not any non-sense armed service ruler, who also specialises in kicking backsides

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