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Cultural Identity

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My own cultural id is made up of a whole lot of numerous elements. I was born and raised in the San Antonio location. Both of mother and father are from Mexico, my mother moved here when the lady was nineteen and my father moved here when he was five. When they first moved to the San Antonio region they were in the lower school and they lived in the poorer side of San Antonio. When I was around three all of us moved to the southern aspect of San Antonio. My personal mother is usually catholic and always tried to obtain us to church but over the years we certainly have become busy on Weekends and never produce it any longer except for Holiday and Easter. My Asian culture is usually involved I actually my life by all the customs my mom tries to keep around the house during getaways.

They both trained me to embrace my own Mexican culture but as well respect different cultures. They taught all of us how to speak Spanish but over the years likely to school damaged the away we chatted Spanish right up until we forgot most of the vocabulary. When I was elementary I used to be not put in a bilingual classroom so I taught that I was not designed to speak The spanish language at institution because nobody else did in my category so I began forget how to speak it. When I entered middle university, I produced friends that spoke The spanish language and I found that it was ok to speak it but I had already forgot most of the terminology. I are still trying to connect with my personal Mexican history. They are several things that I still do not find out about like my own ancestry. I would like to learn in which my family truly came from.

In most friends and family the men are more freedom than the woman. My spouse and i am not really a lot to hold out with my friends with out a male relative with me. That they get more liberties because they are “men” and they are “strong. ” The males can do no matter what they what without informing anyone however the females must ask permission for every single thing. My parents believe that “bad things” may happen to us if we head out alone. I actually respect my own parents’ wishes but the idea gets hard knowing that you cannot do all the stuff the men in your family do.

Occasionally when my loved ones and I would go exploring surrounding the small villages that encompass us we would find themselves in a town that predominantly whites. We would get unusual looks and sometimes glares from random people we handed. Just because i was speaking The spanish language and we are slightly deeper than these were. It felt strange since we were result from it is mainly Hispanics and also other cultures. We did not stay for very long because we were uncomfortable as a result of weird looks that we were getting.

My social identity represents who We am as being a person and who my family is. My family are my role designs for my cultural id. Even through some off of the things they are really stereotypical intended for males and females I would like to share some of the things that represent our cultural personality. I would want to keep all of the Hispanic areas of my parent’s cultural identity but shed all the “males are better than females. ” I am a strong Mexican American female in the south of San Antonio and I was proud this is my personal cultural identity.

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