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Fitzgerald uses a number of techniques throughout the novel to draw in the reader into the history, in Section 2 we have a lot of proof of these techniques being used as well as the way Fitzgerald uses all of them in going through the chapter, including pathetic fallacy, symbolism, story technique and shock. Likewise, the idea that runs throughout the book is clashes of class in society, which is clearly proven to reader in the example of Pat being altered and controlled Tom Buchanan’s supercilious’ method, this is shown by the action of which Jeff attacked Myrtle, his mistress, at the end with the chapter.

Fitzgerald uses horrible fallacy at the very start of chapter to portray the narrator’s feelings and feelings at the time, just like grey land’, bleak dust’, dimmed’, paint less days’, small nasty river’ and dismal scene’. Fitzgerald probably uses this kind of to reflect Nick’s disposition in being forced to have lunchtime with Mary Buchanan who have he obviously shows towards the reader is definitely dislike to this personality, or even implying to the visitor the undesired meeting with Tom’s mistress, Myrtle Wilson.

Fitzgerald perhaps uses this to interest the reader into questioning the mention of the the weather as well as the setting at the beginning of the chapter in relation to Nick’s emotions and asks how come Nick feel so grey’, bleak’ and generally ominous and adverse towards this as an introduction to Phase 2 . Another technique Fitzgerald uses in Phase 2 is definitely symbolism; this individual uses the smoothness, Doctor Big t. J. Eckleburg, to symbolise a highly regarded person searching down in society, or perhaps an object always present in some of the scenes over the novel, seeing the events that occur; the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg are green and huge. ‘ His role isn’t an actual personality in the history but really an object, nevertheless , Fitzgerald need to find his role relevant to mention Doctor Eckleburg available therefore implying to the target audience his importance in the novel. A different way by which Fitzgerald uses to tell the storyline in Phase 2 is of how Fitzgerald tells the big event of which Mary Buchanan visits Myrtle, it generates shock and surprise to the reader, specifically how Fitzgerald decides to tell of this celebration through the narrator Nick.

Making a short deft movement, Mary Buchanan out of cash her nose with his open up hand. ‘ This sentence in your essay is organized as short because it explains a huge stunning action that may be much of a unspeakable situation: a person abusing a female. So Fitzgerald manipulates the surprising action by making influence on the sharpness of the brief description of this, contrasting to Fitzgerald’s additional descriptions to events and settings which will he explains to to the visitor in wonderful amounts of details with graceful and intimate language, to be able to contribute in creating a wonderful impact of horror/tragedy felt by the reader of this event.

A different narrative technique the author uses to tell the storyplot in this section is that the narrator is inebriated and efforts to remember his movements. Yet , Fitzgerald uses the fact of which Nick is usually intoxicated simply by manipulating the narration. For example , I was standing next to his foundation and he was sitting up between the sheets clothed in his under garments, with a great portfolio in his hands. ‘ This explanation is a quite unique means of narrating the story, even stopping the chapter; however it makes Nick’s story more genuine and genuine by sharing with it in this manner, the reader may clearly imagine Nick’s evening in their mind by how Fitzgerald determines to tell this event.

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