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Their leadership role relates to service to all their clients, therefore, they are their very own leadership role are similar in such a way. However , they differ in that; Florence provides the attribute of being autocratic, whereas Clinton is persuasive. Florencia showed facets of commanding while Clinton worked well by means of successful the trust of others to aid his effort. Secondly, it can be notable that nightingale is actually a nurse whilst Clinton can be described as politician. Additionally , they occupied different instances, hence the degree of development talks about their big difference in the way they will approached issues. They both are holistic; however , Clinton is more open-minded in comparison with Nightingale.

Self-analysis of personally as a leader

As a leader, a person works with a bunch. Therefore , the leadership abilities that a person exercises should focus on creating effective operating relations as well as the environment. A quality leader has multidimensional traits, making her or him appealing and effective in behavior.

My own strengths and effectiveness

My leadership abilities developed in the point of birth, becoming among the eldest in my playmates group. In school, I always located myself inside the position of authority, in which some people seen me as being controlling or possibly a crowd puller. However , I believe this was because of my talents as a head. I have top quality communication expertise, having a perception of control in language, and a convincing develop when I speak. I also exhibit understanding, hence the standard of intelligence. My own age group and friends trust my common sense, hence showing my cleverness and ability in leading. Additionally , was a vision oriented person, working with targets, which works to my advantage. Getting intelligent, I also exhibit a sense of self-confidence and will electrical power, which ignites me to achieving my personal objectives. This really is essentially my own most significant management strength as I enjoy currently taking risks. These are generally my major strengths being a person, plus they always work for me in managing the relations I’ve with my children, friends, for school plus the environment.


However , I have a weakness in relating to those; thus, I actually am poor in the aspect of empathy and humanism. It requires great efforts for me to appreciate others; hence, it decreases my management strength. My spouse and i find it hard to relate with problems of others into a personal level, hence facing a challenge in managing my personal relations with others.

Areas needing improvement to presume effective head role

To be able to assume effective leader position, I need to improve on my accord aspect. I have to be able to lower myself and place myself in the situation of others, consequently understanding their particular problems. Additionally , though an objective, I also have to be in a position to listen to others and accommodate their particular views; consequently , allow available mindedness. I will improve the way I understand others problems and drop the autocratic top quality in me.

Strategy to strengthen my command asset and improve my own perceived constraint as a innovator

In order to remove these restrictions, I will engage in service that allows me to empathize, like a volunteer in serving because an worker in hospitals. Talking to the weak and sick enables me experience their suffering; hence, Let me manage to expand my accord skills. In addition , on the element of being autocratic, I will make an effort to subject me when in the company of others. In addition , debates will assist me figure out how to allow the point of eyesight of others open-mindedly.


Command is a assistance that requires the readiness of person to function without planning on much prize from the work. Therefore , it requires skills and attributes which are personal in nature. The personality associated with an individual can be significant in developing all their leadership design.


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