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1 . Intro

Currently the World will be come in once. The introduction of modern computers since 1940’s changing the way persons live, learning their environment and the way they gather information, process, and shop data and communicate exact and timely information inside their daily activities. Therefore without using lately technological items especially pcs, it is extremely hard to think about cultural, cultural and economically development. So through this century employing information and communication technology especially the superior and amusing machine called computer and modern data handling in different aspect is one of the questions of endurance.

The group member will try the best way to make the complicated procedure for Online Yeha Hotel as simple as possible using Structured & Modular technique & Menu oriented software. The users are going to design and style the software so that user might not have any kind of difficulty in employing this package & further enlargement is possible without much effort. Even though the group users cannot declare that this job to be completely exhaustive, the key purpose of each of our exercise is conduct each employee’s activity in computerized approach rather than physically which is time consuming.

1 . a couple of BACKGROUND IN THE ORGANIZATION Yeha Hotel is among the business units maintained and managed by BT Digital Business Bridge PLC. It was proven in 93 G. C at Tigray Regional Point out, Aksum town. The Hotel is a three star lodge located in the outskirts from the city of Aksum on the historic route.

1 ) 3. DECLARATION OF THE PROBLEM Currently the management of Yeha Hotel can be computerized. But , the system is not well toned. It doesn’t include all function like; via where the consumer comes, amount of repayment for reservation, what they are carrying out currently. It the motel is beneath several issues that negatively influences the trustworthiness, performance, efficiency and efficiency of activities. Some of the major problems are: – User simply cannot reserve things (bed rooms on line) well that they want. The hotel are unable to well advertise the support that they offer.

Users are unable to access resort information.

Difficult to insertion& retrieve info faster.

Difficult to generate report.

Delay details in collecting & digesting of consumers’ data.

To resolve the above problems the group members will certainly develop acomputerized system to manage the resort service effectively and effectively.


1 ) 4. 1 . GENERAL GOAL The general aim of this task is to fix the above complications by building and expanding an automated active website that can enhance on the net in case of Yeha hotel.

1 ) 4. 2 . SPECIFIC AIM To change the manual data file handling system in to advanced method of electronic system To reserve bed rooms and other services online

To access the hotel details

To resolve complicated issues that faced to record the manual system To solve enough time, cost and man electric power needed to job performance To supply efficient in order to the new clients

To resolve data redundancy

To hold data protection and reliability

To wish fast data insertion & retrieval

1 . 5. Methodology

1 . 5. 1 ) SYSTEM DEVLOPMENT METHODOLOGY They members make use of waterfall procedure since it provide great opportunity for user to participate in the expansion process, features extensibility characteristic. Programming equipment

HTML (Macromedia Dreamweaver 8)

JSP (Net Beans IDE six. 1 . 1)

Microsoft company Office


Microsoft windows7

Several browsers (e. g. Firefox, Google chrome and internet explorer) HARDWARE APPLIED



Flash disc


During information gathering the group members possess used quite a few oftechniques in order to us to get complete information about the system. These techniques are: –

1 . five. 2 . 1 . OBSERVATION They members have observed literally by see the place. Likewise the team features seen that there was not any any well-developed computerized program in the lodge and also advice about the hotel and the service that the hotel supplies were not obtainable easily. They also observes that booking is only simply by face to face or by using mobile phone.

1 . a few. 2 . 2 . INTERVIEW The other most important method in order to us to get most important and critical information about the general view of the hotel is by interviewing manager of the motel and receptionist of the resort. (Example: -how do you operate currently?

1 ) 5. installment payments on your 3. DOC ANALYSIS

The form that is used at present has significant importance in crating simplest way of analyzing the newly developed program.


Yeha hotel gives several providers like, create report, staff payment, producing reservation, and present guaranty pertaining to the customer real estate, food order, and employee selection, introduce hotel support, security for your garden, check availability. But for right now we simply focuses on making reservation, Examine availability, and reserved, room information, bring in hotel services and register customer. RESTRICTION OF THE JOB

Due to diverse reasons just like shortage of time, lack of components (hardware and software), and others, our project do not put into action the whole companies. These providers are: Employee selection

Don’t consist of branch resorts

Employee payment

1 . almost 8. OUTPUT IN THE PROJECT Following finishing the project it is going to give a wide range of advantages for the hotel as well as the customer as well as the society. Those advantages range from the following things: – Well-organized documentation for the hotel

Well-developed internet site


The end result of the task can be seen in a large number of directions while: ” The society capable of get quickly and better service

Well organized operations

Easily accessible information through the hotel

Introduce the hotel as internationally

Avoiding conflict between personnel


1 . twelve. 1 MONETARY FEASIBILITY The project is feasible because there is no drop of selections of data To reduce number of staff or staff member in the system as effect it decreases the outcome (money) in the program.

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