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A SWOT Evaluation is a “situational in which internal strengths and weaknesses of the organization, and external chances and threats faced by it are strongly examined” to supply an adequate approach ( Panera Bread Organization has become one of the leading companies inside the quick informal restaurant marketplace.

Strengths The Strengths that Panera Loaf of bread Company offers are the following: a strong occurrence in its specific niche market segment, a strong relationship with their franchisees, they will focus on having a specialty bread and powerful financial functionality. In 2008, the company managed in you, 252 bakery-cafes in 32 American Declares and Canada. Panera Bread Company’s success relies on the strategy of quick assistance and good quality food. In respect to Wall Street Journal, Panera have scored the highest with customer commitment in their market niche. In 2007, Sandleman & Associates Quick-Track “Awards of Excellence, ” put Panera Bread Organization as one of the leading chain eating places for the sixth consecutive year.

They have a very strong manufacturer image, which in turn also leads to their accomplishment. Panera Loaf of bread Company includes a strong relationship with their franchisees. It wants to operate 256 additional franchisees or place developers off their 725 franchise-operated bakery-cafes.

Panera primarily functions through franchise agreements over the United States and this positive romantic relationship that head office has with these companies has led to their achievement. This assists the growth with the company. The company has a high focus on as being a specialty loaf of bread store. Panera Bread Organization produces Artist breads. Designer bread utilizes natural ingredients with skilled focus, which differentiates the company by commercial competition.

This helps the company become secure in its part of the industry. Panera Loaf of bread Company has had robust economic performance. The revenues elevated by 21. 8% coming from 2007 to 2008.

The companies net income increased by 17. 4% from 2007 to 08. This ongoing growth offers the company using a positive foreseeable future. The company also purchased 51% of the exceptional stock of Paradise.

Weaknesses Panera Loaf of bread Company provides highly focused geographic businesses, meaning the business is confined to operating in United states. This is problems because if the change in point out taxes may bring a risk towards the market concentration. It also seems to lose the possibilities that all their competitors will have to establish themselves in foreign markets.

The company does not work in the Asia-Pacific region or Europe-Africa, which could be potential areas they could gain from. Another weak point that Panera Bread Company has is definitely its deficiency of scale. In comparison with its competitors, Panera Bread Company has a lot more compact revenues. Corporations such as Starbucks or McDonalds dwarf this company, in annually revenues.

Panera needs to increase to other regions to become worldwide competition. Opportunities Three opportunities that Panera Bread Company offers are the subsequent: controlling of operating cost, expansion to grow top rated line and growth demand for organic products. Panera decided to focus its menu primarily with breakfast and lunch.

That is why the company removed the Crispani from its product line. The french fries like pastry was meant to attract a late evening to early evening buyer, but got little expansion. The little progress was considered to be caused by the recession, which made the organization have to concentrate its menu to two meals a day.

The expansion with the company has created more geographic presence for top level line growth. Panera Bread Company exposed its initially company in Toronto, Ontario in 08. In that same year, the corporation opened 91 new bakeries. This will help provide the company a much better presence, yet another region for growth would be Europe and Asia. The growing demand for natural products is a huge chance for the company.

The already 100 % natural ingredients in its Designer bread get this an easy transition for the organization. According to article created by Datamonitor titled “Organic Food in the usa, ” the organization had a chemical substance annual progress rate of 17. 9%. This prospect would reveal positively on product sales intended for the company. Threats Panera Loaf of bread Company provides four significant threats to its success.

The first danger to the company’s success is a highly competitive restaurant market. The company must compete in three distinct industries. Panera competes inside the specialty meals, quick service and informal dining retailers. It major competition is Starbucks, McDonald’s, Einstein Noah Cafe Group, Potbelly Sandwich Works and Yum!

Brands. This kind of competition could impact Panera Bread Company’s market share. The 2nd threat to Panera Breads Company will be a disruption in the company’s supply.

The company provides fresh bread to each location by temperatures controlled vehicles. If there happens to be poor weather conditions, labor difficulties, specialized issues or damage to any kind of vehicles in the fleet, then the company could have shortage issue. Depending on how long we have a problem in the fleet; Panera Bread Company would see a decrease in product sales from individuals locations damaged. The elevating popularity of vegetarian food is a third menace. “At a typical growth of 9% per year, the foreign exchange market is forecasted to reach $1, 700 , 000, 000 by 2010” (

The increase of any preference of healthy, organic, and fat free food has created a very successful industry. If Panera Bread Business does not stick to this craze in the market, they could be left out by their competitors. The rise in the minimal wage is a fourth danger to Panera Bread Company. The regular increase in bare minimum wage has increased labor costs, which have afflicted the company’s profit.

Ideally, the minimal wage is still at $7. 25 because this is affecting general administrative costs for the organization.

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