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Carl Rogers, Career Counseling, Counseling, Transgender

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The authors maintain that the key theoretical constructs of person-centered counseling (e. g., complete, utter, absolute, wholehearted positive consider, congruence, and empathy) give a valuable framework in which consultants can connect with clients in ways that help more fruitful and healthy and balanced functioning. Additionally, person-centered guidance is congruent with the relational needs of women that suffered from sexual maltreatment as kids and may signify the optimal input for many.

Lemoire, S. J. Chen, C. P. (2005, Spring). Applying person-centered guidance to lovemaking minority teenagers. Journal of Counseling and Development, 83(2), 146-151.

The authors are educators and counselors at the Ontario Commence for Research in Education of the University or college of Toronto who statement that Carl Rogers’s (1987) person-centered therapies can be used to great effect in addressing the psychological distresses of lesbian, gay, androgino, and transgender/sexual (LGBT) teenagers, particularly throughout their disclosure with their sexual positioning. Authors believe person-centered guidance approach may help counteract the stigmatization linked to disclosure by simply facilitating coping with sexual identity issues in a more constructive trend. The primary facets of person-centered therapies, namely (e. g., convenance, unconditional confident regard, and empathy) can provide a conceptual as well as pragmatic rationale for facilitating LGBT client surgery.

Lent, Elizabeth. B. (2001, September). Welfare-to-work services: A person-centered perspective.

Career Expansion Quarterly, 50(1), 22-29.

The author is a psychiatrist licensed in Maryland, Virginia, and the Region of Columbia and a great adjunct helper professor inside the Counseling and Student Employees Services Section at the University or college of Maryland at College or university Park whom recommends the deliberate addition of the credibility and empathy in a person-centered counseling approach to help girls overcome cross-class variables and improve the effectiveness of concours. By employing a person-centered strategy, the author states that it is feasible for male and female counselors to empathize with female clients in ways that could not normally be feasible to help the formula of optimum interventions.


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