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Excerpt from Dissertation:

Social Media on Teenagers – Literary works Review

Placing Description

The recent scientific advancements include transformed contemporary communications by simply generating new ways for interactions. One of the by-products of these advancements is the breakthrough of social networking, which has turn into an important conversation tool in the current society, especially among teenagers. Teenagers happen to be increasingly applying social media networks for interactions due to numerous features of social networking sites. Nevertheless , the substantial use of social websites by young adults has become a great alarming concern that is seen as concerns with regards to privacy and security. Basically, the impact of social media about teenagers old between 13 and nineteen years is just about the focus on quite a few studies. This can be primarily since teenagers will be increasingly aiming to be socially active and struggle to cope up with school. The existing research have attempted to determine the various impacts of social media upon teenagers and exactly how negative affects can be dealt with. However , it truly is still pending why social media remains attractive to teenagers that they dedicate more hours to it instead of college.

Statement of Problem or Situation

Modern communications have already been significantly altered by fast technological innovations that have contributed to emergence of social media. Because previously mentioned, social media has created to become a crucial tool of communication in today’s society, especially among teens. However , social networking continues to possess numerous affects on young adults aged among 13 and 19 years. Teenagers who have increasingly use social media have to grapple with attempts to get socially active and the have to keep up with university. Recent statistics indicate that social media have considerable bad impacts upon teenagers because they allocate more time to it instead of focus on school work. Therefore , while social media enhances communication which is attractive, it has considerable effects on teens in relation to school.

Literature Review

The impact of social media on teenagers has changed into a major issue for parents, teachers, and the public. This is mainly because social media is so attractive to teens for the extent that they can dedicate additional time to this instead of school. As a result of increased attractiveness and use of social networking among teens at the charge of school, the impact of social networking on teenagers has been the subject matter of elevated scrutiny. Actually, numerous research have been accomplished to examine this matter in order to identify why social networking is so appealing to teenagers and its particular related influences. A review of existing literature around the issue demonstrates several positive and unfavorable impacts of social media upon teenagers pertaining to school.

Awful Sleeping Habits

Dimitriou, Dark night Milton (2015) conducted a study in which they examined how social media and drinks before heading to bed have significant impacts in teenagers’ educational performances. These types of researchers remarked that environmental elements like sleeping patterns or perhaps habits possess considerable influence on academic performance. These environmental factors happen to be in turn influenced by the individual’s behaviors and habits, specifically before bed time. In this analyze, the analysts pointed out that rest quantity includes a close, immediate link to academic performance while the quality of rest is tightly linked to intellectual assessment. Pursuing the study about 48 students aged between 16 and 19, the researchers figured social media work with and drinks before going to bed contributes to poor sleeping patterns that influences academic functionality.

Woods ain al. (2015) concur with Dimitriou, Dark night Milton (2015) that social websites contributes to awful or poor sleeping patterns among teens and eventually impact their academic performance. Forest et approach. (2015) executed a study to show how social media use is tightly linked with poor sleep quality and low self-esteem amongst teenagers. These kinds of researchers completed their analyze on 467 teenagers from your University of Glasgow to look for the overall and night-time-specific utilization of social media simply by these individuals. They will determined that teenagers’ assumed need to be available on social media constantly contributes to major depression, anxiety, and poor sleep quality. Despite the fact that they concur with Dimitriou, Knight Milton (2015) that social media impacts teenagers sleeping habits and sleep quality, Woods et al. (2015) do not believe social media have an effect on teenagers’ academic performance. As opposed, these experts state that we have a strong link between usage of social media and an individual’s health insurance and well-being.

Scholar Retention and Development of Cultural Skills

Eckles Stradley (2012) carried out research to analyze college student retention using archival info and based on social network examination. The goal of the research was to identify the probable link between first-to-second-year retention and online social network variables to get a group of first-year students in a arts college or university (Eckles Stradley, 2012, g. 165). The study demonstrates that social media offers greater influences on pupil retention, which is determined by their particular friends’ preservation levels inside the same online social network. In essence, social media contributes to this kind of because the retention and attrition behaviors of your teenager will be significantly affected by the ones from immediate relationships in the social media.

Sung (2014) seemingly agrees with Eckles Stradley (2012) in his analysis for the differential effect of social-emotional behaviors in academic efficiency of language-minority students or teenagers. The researcher illustrates the significance of social skills for college success of those teenagers presented the improved tendency by simply these pupils to perform for lower levels and elevated chances of institution failure. In this instance, social media will act as means through which language-minority college students develop required social abilities for college success. Actually, Sung (2014) argues these students tend to demonstrate decrease performance and risk college failure when they are limited in English effectiveness (p. 393).

Mastrodicasa Metellus (2013) gives a different point of view of the effect of social networking on development of social abilities and scholar retention through examining the result of social media on college students. They argue that social media provides several confident and bad impacts on college students (Mastrodicasa Metellus, 2013, p. 21). Unlike Eckles Stradley (2012) and Sung (2014), Mastrodicasa Metellus (2013) state that the impact of social networking on scholars depends on the type of activities they engage in when utilizing social networking sites. They will postulate that social media is usually not the condition but the certain purpose and use of these websites and actions.

Loss of Privateness and Security

Vanderhoven ainsi que al. (2014) examined teenagers’ behavior about social media, especially Facebook provided that the significant usage of social media simply by these individuals provides generated concerns regarding reliability and privacy. The observational study aimed at examining Facebook . com behavior of teenagers because of basic safety and level of privacy. The study located that social media contributes to decrease of privacy and security among teenagers. This really is primarily since teenagers content lots of personal and high-risk information on their very own profile webpages on social networking sites like Facebook . com. According to these researchers, the losing of privacy and security by simply teenagers who have increasingly employ social media is basically because they scarcely manage all their privacy adjustments in the social networking sites.

Management of private Health Information

Vehicle der Velden El (2013) examined teenage patients, privacy, and social media in light of increased usage of social networking sites to get communication. Through the qualitative examine, the experts concluded that a large number of teenagers tend not to reveal their personal health information on online communities. While teens utilize social networking to stay current about their interpersonal lives, they just do not disclose personal health information such as diagnosis and treatment of their conditions.

Better Academic Participation

Jimoyiannis, Tsiotakis Roussinos (2013) examined students’ participation and presence in an educational blogging and site-building community through social network evaluation. These research workers seemingly deny the notion that social media contributes to poor academic performance. That they contend that social media enhances academic contribution through endorsing collaborative learning in an educational blogging community. The researchers found that lots of students are usually active and demonstrate learning presence into their specific educational community leading to enhanced educational participation.

Daclan (2013) woman with these claims by using a analysis on the impact of integrating educational materials in certain social networking sites around the awareness and practice of laboratory basic safety by pupils. The investigator contends that adolescent pupils enhance their practice of laboratory safety through exposure to on the net social networking-based health education, which means improved educational participation.

Steele (2005) gives a different view of social websites impact on teenagers, particular with regards to school. The analysis was conducted on the idea that present world is definitely challenging for parents and policymakers because of the significantly changing media landscape. The researcher suggests the need to determine what makes harmful media content. However , Steele (2005) concurs with Mastrodicasa Metellus (2013) that social media is definitely not necessarily damaging for teenagers but their activities in these social networking sites.


Daclan, J. Ur. L. (2013, October). Online Social Networking-based Health Education: Effects about Students’ Awareness and Practice of Laboratory Safety. TOJET: The Turkish Online Record of Educational Technology, 12(4).

Dimitriou, G., Knight, F. L. Milton, P. (2015, December 1). Social Media and Drinks Prior to Bed Impacting on Teenagers’ Institution Performances. Community Practitioner: The Journal in the Community Practitioners’

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