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Excerpt coming from Annotated Bibliography:

Personal Responsibility-Annotated Bibliography

Downing, T. (2011). On Course: Approaches for Creating Accomplishment in School and Lifestyle. Boston, MOTHER: Wadsworth Publishing.

Designed particularly for college era students, this can be a self-help book that truly has relevant suggestions for contemporary issues. The book is within its 6th printing, and interestingly can often be used in pupil success programs in formal curriculums. Major of the publication is in choices: effective people make sure choices that tend to put them on a way towards accomplishment. The gist of the concentrate, though, is on the identification of behaviours and philosophy that may should be changed to be able to allow for more success. In other words, the publication is all about stopping “self-sabotage, ” thought the usage of tools designed specifically to help younger people. The credibility comes from samples of real people, the interest level inside the short emotional tests agreed to help reveal behavioral patterns, as well as the practical guidance from a writer with advanced degrees in counseling and English that has worked in the collegiate system for three years. Of course , the writer wishes to sell the publication as a text, so there may be bias in his way of “viewing the world, ” but his prose and use of references and stories gives added credibility towards the suggestions.

Haskins. R. (July 2009). The Sequence of Personal Responsibility. Brookings Institute. Gathered from:

In the last three decades, there has been a growing number of debate regarding the idea of personal responsibility than in the past. Perhaps due to disillusionment with politics, perhaps because of the the latest Enron scandal, but now, the media and scholars are all discussing what it means to acquire personal responsibility. For Haskins, personal responsibility is a dual issue: readiness to accept specifications from world and the aspire to make an effort to live by these standards. Whenever we think about it by a logical point-of-view, we see the fact that idea of personal responsibility has to start with the, then progress and out to society. In my own case, this means that I like to use through with agreements, act

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