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The diversity and richness of Philippine literature evolved side by side with the country’s history. Long before the Spaniards and other foreigners landed or set foot on Philippine shores, our forefathers already had their own literature stamped in the history of our race. Our ancient literature shows our customs and traditions in everyday life as traced in our folk stories, old plays and short stories.

Our ancestors also had their own alphabet which was different from that brought by the Spaniards. –>LITERATURE: bodily oral and written works, text, ebooks, poetry, etc . these are the several things that concern this kind of subject. we have been exposed to books ever since we were young. studying, writing, that’s what we do. yet is this the essence of literature? the time i noticed that i was going to take up “Philippine Literature” this semester, i was alternatively a bit curios about what will be in store for me, for the whole class. our Literature instructor Ms. Dinah Laguna-Mission is very enthusiastic in educating us. under no circumstances came a moment that i experienced sleepy or bored during our lit up. subject. this wounderful woman has a energetic voice and pronunciation, energetic gestures and the witty make use of words were the things my spouse and i looked forward to each time she came. at first, i actually expect the subject articles and the teaching method was just a repetition of what has been trained to us during high school graduation. but i was wrong, different genre of literature, several devices and ever popular figures of speech had been the ones being taught to all of us.

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