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1) In 1859, Charles Darwin described a model of how living things transform over time. This individual described the[desktop] and the facts that supported it within a book referred to as On The Beginning of Types. Which medical term is employed to describe a testable model that tries to explain all-natural phenomena? A) data B) hypothesis C) observation D) theory 2) When an try things out is repeated and the new results are unlike the original benefits, what could you assume to get true? A) The results from both experiments are useless.

B) The first experiment’s results are useless and should become discarded. C) The trial and error design is definitely flawed and the experiment should be discarded. D) Neither test results are totally reliable and additional experimentation should be used. 3) All of the following OTHER THAN the level of resistance of _________ demonstrate artificially selected amount of resistance. A) beef cattle, to “shipping fever, B) a large number of agricultural whole wheat varieties, to drought and fungus, C) Anatarctic seafood to abnormally cold, due to antifreeze proteins in their blood

D) many prevalent grasshopper species to insect sprays, such as diazinon, sevin, and others, 4) Which fact regarding fossils is quite important to experts who examine evolution? A) Fossils in many cases are found in sedimentary rock.

B) Footprints, body structures, and even dog droppings can be fossilized. C) The age of a fossil can be discovered by reviewing the rock strata in which the fossil is located. D) The formation of a fossil depends on the geologic and chemical conditions present when an affected person dies. 5) According to the fossil record, five ________________took place, which lowered the variety of kinds found on Earth today. A) mass clonings B) microevolutions C) mass extinctions D) mass cycles 6) For the experiment is definitely repeated plus the new results are different from the first results, might you assume to be the case?

A) The first set of effects MUST be wrong and trashed. B) The second set of effects MUST be erroneous and trashed. C) The experimental design must be mistaken and should become scrapped. D) The original try things out MAY be inaccurate and further experimentation is needed. 7) If an experiment’s results are accurate, when the try things out is repeated by one other scientist, the results A) should be comparable to those obtained originally. B) will be similar every time the experiment can be repeated. C) should be different for a diverse scientist.


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