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12. Picture of nursing. The factor ensures the belief of the nurses’ activity in society. A company consistent with this factor can promote the concept the position of the rns is essential in the general structure of the patients’ care.

The nurses here are perceived as necessary to the care of the individuals with very special requirements. The organization have not necessarily advertised this in any respect, but the way the healthcare professionals worked and their high level of professionalism was proof.

13. Interdisciplinary interactions. This element comprises thinking about respect inside the organization. There are lots of levels of admiration involved right here. First of all, were referring to value for the organization in itself as well as for the quest and aims that the business has advertised. On the other hand, a company scoring rich in this component will need to ensure a common respect among all the recruiting involved in the organization’s activity, starting with physicians and nurses a relentless with therapists and other users.

Respect is present throughout the business, all the staff being frequently interested in offering the best possible care for their sufferers.

14. Specialist development. The professional creation factor ensures that the organization has set for itself a long-term tactical goal in constantly increasing the capacity in the human resource that this benefits from. There have been several elements that guaranteed that the firm was a learning organization, this factor at this point sets the premise for a ongoing career advancement.

As the business provides only acute rehabilitation services, the professional development in other sectors of medical healthcare is significantly limited. However , the corporation provides for the professional advancement nurses in various segments of acute treatment.

3) the main strength with the organization is the quality in the nursing personnel. Most of the staff has many years of experience in similar positions and is able to react to any of the challenges that may appear. The members from the staff with greater encounter are able to be instructors and provide beneficial information for the younger nursing staff and the firm is arranged successfully as a learning business. Further more, the organization benefits from a decentralized management, with five main devices that can behave on their own and where the healthcare professionals are required to take decisions independently and be liable and in charge of them.

One of the most important weaknesses is the company budget, certainly not limited, but often too few to face the financial difficulties in a medical field that has particular needs. The units typically require the most recent medical instruments to improve situations of the patients. At the same time, even more financial resources need to have to be directed towards appointment resources and resources, for a constant improvement of employees performance.

4) the most important debate in favor of the organization’s capacity to recruit, preserve, and support a qualified labor force is the fact this is a learning organization, in which the staff with greater knowledge will be able to quickly include and integrate fresh employees also to provide the necessary background expertise to effectively perform their particular job. From this sense, enough time needed for a fresh employee to participate in the staff and grow used to the requirements of the organization is relatively limited.


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