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Benefits of the Press

Few issues in life have got much power to influence individuals and culture as a whole, both negatively or positively. The media is usually one such moderate. Whether it is books, the Internet, magazines, movies, music, newspapers, radio, television, or any other type, the media has tremendous power to impact both persons and world as a whole, equally negatively and positively. Recently, there has been superb controversy more than whether the media has the power in promoting or reduce violence.

This paper evaluates and examines the power of the news and produce media to market or reduce violence. Part II offers an overview of the role of the media generally. In Part 3, how the press promotes or perhaps curbs physical violence is evaluated. Lastly, this kind of paper concludes with tips for balancing the partnership between the media’s need for freedom of phrase and society’s desire for significantly less violence.


The media, in its forms, acts a variety of beneficial functions. 1st, the media serves an informational function, i. e., to inform people of breaking news just like medical advancements, crime risks, political news, etc . In this respect, the mass media is highly responsible and helpful to individuals and society, performing like to some extent of a “guardian” or instructor. Next, the media serves an entertainment function, i. e., to provide individuals with reports stories and shows of your less severe nature, i actually. e., reveals like “Fear Factor, inches “Survivor, ” or “The Batchelor. ” This is also an extremely useful function as it permits individuals to participate in somewhat of an “escape” in the everyday anxiety of real world, i. at the., work and interpersonal tensions that all individuals endure.


In recent years, there have been increased controversy over rap lyrics, resulting in the “Parental Advisory” caution labels as well as a newly modified rating program for films and game titles that contain precise lyrics or violence. Various feminists including, Joan Morgan, author of “From Fly-Girls to *****es and Hos, ” argue that the misogynist overtones usually contained in rap music really are a symptom of catastrophe in the African-American community. Relating to Morgan, the sexist and violent lyrics in rap must be confronted and understood instead of blatantly condemned. The danger inherent in censoring rap lyrics, movies, video gaming, or any different form of multimedia that contains chaotic or sexually explicit words of the tune is that it is censorship and prevents individuals and culture from being exposed to new concepts and artwork forms.

The media promotes or curbs violence in various ways, the two explicitly and implicitly. Generally, the multimedia continues to keep pace with define, increase, and modify the line among “art” and “offensiveness” when it comes to rap words, movies, and also other

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