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All of these poems Sonnet by John Clare, Patrolling Barnegat by Walt Whitman, and Storm on the island of st. kitts by Seamus Heaney are about mother nature and what part it plays in our daily life. Sonnet is centered on Clares take pleasure in for summer, Patrolling Barnegat is about how people simply cannot control the strength of the surprise, Storm on the Island is again about a surprise, and how people cope, and counter the storms influences. All three of these poems are very similar, but in various ways, the subject of climate is obviously the main theme of every single poem, all the poems utilize same poetic techniques, alliteration, repetition, and onomatopoeia.

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Although a lot of poetic techniques are used, Patrolling Barnegat and Sonnet possess hardly any punctuation this gives the poems more life and energy. Patrolling Barnegat and Storm on the island of st. kitts also have the similarity of both becoming about how highly effective storms happen to be and how the storms are more powerful than man. The differences being Tornado on the Island and Sonnet are easily understood and are for the point, yet Patrolling Barnegat has hidden meanings and an ambiguous ending, and it is almost looked at as a person.

Another big difference is that Sonnet has almost no punctuation which keeps the poem flowing and happy, although Heaneys Thunderstorm on the Island features very little punctuation but this is certainly to keep the ability and pummelling of the thunderstorm seem constant. The feelings of the poems is very important as Storm on the island of st. kitts has a feeling of much power, and as if it is uncontrollable, Heaney uses conflict words to explain the thunderstorm, such as salve, bombarded and strafes. Thus giving the impression that they are often under assault.

He as well talks about how nothing can easily grow due to the unpredictable strike of the storm and how this island then is remote. The only way to fight the storm is to be prepared pertaining to the strike, as in the poem the islanders build there residences squat, drain the walls into rock, and roof them with good slate. Patrolling Barnegat has a incredibly active mood as at the conclusion of every range there is a action-word for example , muttering, lashing, and watching. As a result of storm being so active and strong it takes away mans identification making them just a group of darkish, weird forms.

On the other hand Clares Sonnet provides a very happy, joyful mood, it is because john Clare wants to represent summer as being a bright, active time of year, this individual does this by utilizing many verbs and by using many vibrant adjectives just like stain with gold Many poetic methods are used in every of these poetry, some more than others. In Storm on the island of st. kitts similes spits like a acquire cat, alliteration space is known as a salvo, discussion you know what After all, and personal pronouns are all used. This is to spell out the storm and the effect it has within the people of the tropical isle.

Patrolling Barnegat uses personification demonic frivolity, onomatopoeia slush, repetition untamed, wild, and a lot of alliteration combs careering most of these show action and electricity. This sonnet is non traditional as there are simply no rhyming stance, instead verbs at the end of each line showing activity. Ruben Clares Sonnet is a classic sonnet, they have 14 lines 10 syllables per series, and rhyming couplets. This individual also works on the lot of alliteration, onomatopoeia, and several adjectives for example white made of wool sack atmosphere.

The repeating used in Clares poem, of I love, traces his thoughts for summer time, and it shows simply how much things you will find that he loves regarding summer. The ultimate comparison is usually how the poets use vocabulary to convey their very own message, Whitmans poem includes a verb by the end of each series, this makes the storm sound continual and extremely busy and active. The poem has become written in present tight with a speedy and active tone. Whitman has included lots of noise and audio words, such as roar, muttering, laughing, and shouting. Clare in his poem uses lots of words of motion to describe summer time.

This composition has no punctuation. This allows the composition to movement quickly. Circulation is also a word of movement. Because the poem flows it means that the overall strengthen of the poem is much more joyful and peaceful. The repeating of I love also shows how much Clare loves summer time. Heaneys composition uses powerful words, and a conversational tone helping to make the reader truly feel more involved, the composition has different sentence measures, but has a lot of punctuation. The poem is also written in our tense offering the feeling that it must be happening now, giving a greater sense of anxiety to the reader.

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