Precipitating events leading to non reflex

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While triangulation helps increase the dependability plus the trustworthiness of the information, qualitative exploration findings are often difficult to copy to various other settings (Neuman, 2003).

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Author-identified limits, implications, and recommendations


Limitations from the study. Qualitative researchers happen to be faced with some formidable limits, and Von Hagel will do a credible job in identifying these. Among the potential limits cited simply by Von Hagel were the opportunity of dishonest responds by the interviewees and the possibility of response tendency which he explained in greater detail. The author, even though, failed to change the future tense of his “limitations” section which is apparently taken from his proposal pertaining to the study (this did not substantively affect the articles of this section).


Significance of the study. The research of the qualitative data that emerged from the interviews determined previously unfamiliar precipitating incidents that motivated IT pros to leave their jobs for better opportunities elsewhere. Given the enormous number of factors that could lead to an individual’s decision to keep one job for another, this is simply not all that amazing. Nevertheless, depending on the relatively small number of individuals, Von Hagel achieved his research goals in this regard.


Study advice. The previously unidentified precipitating event referred to by Von Hagel concerned instances through which an THAT professionals’ deal ended yet there were additional no job opportunities available specifically within the firm which the specialist suggests presents a good basis for further exploration. In addition , Von Hagel implies his findings showed more than half (55%) of his interviewees identified the principal precipitating function for non-reflex turnover to be offered a career for more cash, but the exploration to date shows that the sector average is just 9%, which represents yet another opportunity for further qualitative research.

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Application of method


Pick the appropriate research design. The qualitative phenomenological research design selected by Von Hagel was appropriate for his study’s purpose and objectives to get fresh insights into the sociable lives and lived experiences of IT experts and their profession paths (Neuman, 2003). Furthermore, the methodology was used consistently throughout the duration of your research.


Continue to be objective. Through the study, mcdougal assumed a “Voice of America” type of narrative that was likewise consistently target, which can be difficult for qualitative researchers (Neuman, 2003).


Anticipate and minimize the constraints. To his credit, Von Hagel as well anticipated the several potential constraints to this examine and took steps to decrease them through a triangulation that allowed the info to be analyzed from many points-of-view. According to Neuman (2003), “Triangulation is a term borrowed by surveying the land that says looking at an object by several different factors gives a more accurate view of it” (p. 547).


The costs of replacing an information technology specialist can easily equivalent or go over a full year’s compensation, producing the need to identify ways to lessen voluntary proceeds a on time and important enterprise. In the study, “Evaluation of Precipitating Events Ultimately causing Voluntary Worker Turnover between Information Technology Experts, ” Vonseiten Hagel shows a comprehensive summary of the problem, clarifies why it is vital to study, and after that goes on to do this in a qualitative fashion that served to distinguish previously not known precipitating elements that can function as the basis for future research. In addition , Von Hagel identified a significant detach between sector averages to get the precipitating event to be offered employment for more money compared to the high levels he identified which in turn also function as the basis intended for future analysis in this area.


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