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My personal preschool remark was finished at Chula Vista Presbyterian Preschool located at 940 Hilltop Drive, Chula Vis, Ca 91911. The class consisted of ten children between ages of three and five.

While i walked into the preschool class room the children experienced just get to school. The student we’re clinging up their particular bags, declaring goodbye with their parent and finding activity to play with before the day time would officially begin. A number of the children we’re putting puzzles together, slicing fun designs on the small table to get Halloween and two cute little girls will be playing bubbles in a tub near the cubbies with a carpet underneath. The classroom environment seemed to activate learning as a result of abundance of activities offered to the children’s.

During the morning hours playtime the kids were given the chance to explore a number of things, just like the Dramatic play area – grocery set up, the Art place where children can color, draw and colors, and placing puzzles collectively. The physical classroom environment had artwork done by the kids on the wall surfaces as decoration. There were also fence with pumpkin and scarecrow adornment on the wall membrane to lighten up the wall. The adornment did not is very much too entertaining, which encourages and allows a revitalizing learning environment.

The class is just about large that we’re set up in sectional areas; next to the cubbies is the Examining corner, the area is carpeted where six small pillows, two tiny rocking couch and one regular seat are set up facing a chair for teaching. There is a book stand wherever children can make books. The mathematics area incorporate pictures numbers and challenge games and shapes.

There is also the Letter corner exactly where pictures and corresponding page shows. Dramatic play which is set up because grocery in which boxes of cereals’, ovum, canned great items were on display. There’s also a cash register and shopping containers available. The Children’s part shows photographs and identity of students, calendars, schedules and announcement and also the superstar student.

Every tables and chairs have the size fit to young children, shelves was arranged to separate your lives sectional areas from the additional. There is a long table by cubbies that served because dining table to get the children. Half the ceiling has some colorful very little pumpkin adornment.

The bathroom can be found to the additional classroom next to the room My spouse and i observed. there is also a small conventional paper towel dispenser and trash can near the cubbies. The teacher held to herself for the most part while the children occupied playing at the start of the day. Because of the small course size the lady was able to discover what everybody was doing without walking around the bedroom. The associate teacher is usually on the table aiding two children fixed the terrify crow within the big daily news for decor. There were not any disciplinary actions needed since the children were well behaved except for infrequent reminders with the use of class room voice if the kids acquired too fired up singing combined with music getting played.

After forty five moments of children’s own playtime, the educator rang the check for group of friends time. When that, your woman asks all of the children to completely clean up and maintain an eye for everybody in the event that they do all their task. I recently came across that all children we’re undertaking their part, even if they don’t play on the food area installed away all of the scattered things, which makes me personally believe that the teachers principles the space she actually is given and wants her students to find out that cleaning toys and also other activities if they are done playing is important.

Through the circle time, children we’re sitting crisscross on a carpeted section, the teacher start off singing a happy song where children sing too when the teacher mentioned the name of the child the child is going to stand and dance. It’s like doing the attendance in a fun way wherever all children participated. Following your song, tutor and children’s prayed together. They say very good that time being combined with friends and teachers, for parents and have for safety.

After that, the children were brought in to the next room we’re bath rooms are located. The teachers ensure that the children toilet and wash their hands before each goes the table for appetizers. A long stand for eight was within the middle of the class room, the helper teacher works on gold seafood, 3 carrot sticks and raisins for their snacks. In addition, she put a juice in a small plastic container using a handle where kids pour their juice by themselves. The teachers can be watching strongly and reminding the children to pour half only and save some for their friends, I think they are instilling the principles of posting.

After the treats, the children chuck their napkins and press their couch back to the table and goes right to the Math location. The children were sitting crisscrossed again faced with a small blackboard; the teacher is resting on the proper side. These were learning the letter “F” and each college student were asked what term starts with letter “F”. All of the children, clarified correctly although some of them was helped by way of a classmates,  which was penalized by the tutor and let them know to give other the chance to think and give all their answers. Whenever they were performed sounding the text they were provided a cut out frog paper with a figures on it and was told that when they will hear their particular number they are going to jump on the pond (middle) and keep the frog.

The children start off singing the speckles frog song every child leaps in the fish pond when their very own number was called. It absolutely was so much fun observing them and I was thinking that they are focused on provide a play-based, developmentally suitable program that guides every child through the process of learning self-regulation. If the song concluded, children had been lined up and have to put all their bumper up to get ready to experience in the recreation space. They sought out the same door to get in; playground can be found on the opposite side with the building.

The children walked for the lined pathway. Before that they cross the road, the tutor points to both equally sides of the streets and ask whether it safe to cross. When children look at both part and saw no automobiles coming they unanimously solved “yes”.

The playground is usually consist of big slides, a tire swing, small hockey area, a monkey pubs, a small perform house, the table bucket on the crushed stone area in which children can easily play water on it. There exists a carpeted not getting sun area too where kids can read literature, or play some questions or plank games. Addititionally there is table with a art products. Shelves full of toys had been aligned with all the shoe box.

I saw a medicine cupboard too for the far proper side in the shelves. My spouse and i stayed within the chair by medicine case; this would not attract children attentions or block their very own way. Both teacher and assistant educator were outside the house to watch the children, making sure they will don’t harm themselves or perhaps hurt each other. They continuously reminding and approaching the youngsters when they observe inappropriate employed of toys and equipment’s. The children who had been playing also rough were ask to stop if not really they will request to find diverse games to experience.

The instructor also participates in playing pretend for the big slideshow as their pirate ship and some kids try to be00 pirate and captain of the ship. The preschool provides a Christian ambiance that promotes the religious, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of every single child. This evidence by colorful paper prints outside the building that says: “Faith can be Journey” “God lead All of us Forth” “God’s Presence can be our Destination”. As you enter the classroom, we have a signing sheet not only for young students but for every person coming in and out the class room. The staff and teachers will be very friendly;?nternet site approached these people they were grinning and declare “Hi!

May i help you? ” When I introduced personally and informed them the main reason I was generally there, they inquire me how to be of help to generate my statement easier and productive. In addition they show me where I can sit and observed not also distant wherever I nonetheless hear children talks rather than too near attract all their attention. I feel that there is a very good relationship too between the parents and personnel because they are happily talking the child’s improvement and how they can be doing even the silliest factor the child did at home. The college is not gated yet I sensed some secureness because the classrooms are located at the rear of the cathedral.

Most of the learners are Asian, Asian, African-American and White children. Both teacher as well as the assistant instructor is Asian and the Overseer is White. I would claim this preschool is very diverse and children learn how to value, help and play with one another regardless of race, color and gender. Relating to Mrs.

Brown, they may have 12 frequent children with this age range, although 2 kids were unwell that day time and 2 was on vacation. The teacher/child ratio is normally 6 children per teacher, but quite often student instructors were open to help and watch the children. The teachers, Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs.

Baptista were very attentive to the needs with the children; whenever the child goes toward them to get help they patiently listen closely and talk to the child in low words and caring way. The teachers were able to interpret terms and actions of the child. You can truly feel their sincerity and caring.

The employees communicate with each other in providing activities and supplies that children find joining. By facilitating learning, delivering a early childhood appropriate environment, interesting components and satisfactory time to explore, play and interact, kids find learning easy and entertaining The Child The preschool child I noticed was A J. Mrs. Brown ask me to used initials to ensure confidentiality in the child, seeing that I don’t have authorization from the father and mother. But she allows me to illustrate the child based upon my declaration and common sense. A T is taller than the majority of her classmates and contains a “lean body” not over weight or thin.

She has a complete cheeks, I can see a full sets of teeth when the lady smiles and fair Caucasian skin. A J is three years old and eleven months, the tutor graciously provided an estimate of her fat and height. The girl weighs thirty-five pounds and 39.

5 inches tall. According to the tutor, she began at the kindergarten when she’s 2 years outdated and 4 months. A J includes a short curly blonde locks, with blue eyes and thin golden-haired eye brows.

She actually is wearing a big pink floral headband that fits her brief summer outfit under a white zipped sweatshirt. When A L first came, she approached all the professors. She explained “Good morning Mrs. Rodriguez” “Good morning Mrs.

Batista (should end up being Baptista) and peeked for the other area where Mrs. Brown can be and stated “Good early morning Mrs. Brown”. When A M saw me personally, I smiled to her and she offered me a small smile and walked straight to Mrs.

Rodriguez. My spouse and i heard Mrs. Rodriguez informing her “she is the visitor”. A J asked “My fresh teacher”? “No, she is going to view and do her job”. The lady said “ok”.

And when her classmates noticed her, three of them got into contact with and ask her to play with them. Which will she rejected and stated “I will do make my scare crow”. She is the sole child in spite of this good morning first to all the teachers.

This caught my own attention since I see a cheerful and nice little girl, apart from being so pretty. I chose here as the subject with this observation because aside from becoming fit for the age necessity, her laugh is contagious and there is something on her that capture the attention, My spouse and i can’t describe yet yet I am going to discover what draws people’s attention in her. Biosocial Development A J weighs in at 35 pounds and one meter and a few inches when she reaches 6 years aged she will consider around forty-four pounds and three feet extra tall and nine inches. She’s within the typical range for her age (Berger, 167). A J can be physically fit; her body is well proportioned and leaned.

Her growth will probably be expected to slow down by the era five and six, where her arms and legs lengthen, fat turns to muscles (Berger, 167). This enables her to balance her body and enjoy the fun of dancing, running and playing with no falling or slipping. I recently came across during appetizers, A l finished first the carrot slice. I do think this is the reason why she’s lean mainly because those who take in more vegetables and fewer fried food usually gain bone mass but not excess fat (Berger, 168). When A T is working on her terrify crow, the girl asks the teacher if perhaps she can cut the pant and clothing shape newspaper.

I noticed that she was holding the paper on her behalf left hand and scissor around the right hand and I is able to see that she actually is concentrating about what she is carrying out. Both sides of the brain will be normally involved in almost every skill (Berger, 179). Your woman was able to minimize the newspaper pant and shirt properly by following the queue. This shows A J’s eye-hand dexterity is well-balanced. She the two used her hand in trembling the small plastic-type material glue jar and squeezed it for the edge with the pant and shirt following a shape with out a mess.

I discovered too which a J used both hands in pouring the juice in her cup, using her right hand to hold the handle with the plastic container and left hand at the bottom of the container to avoid drip and to control how much drink she will serve. A L demonstrates perseveration when your woman was approached by her classmates and asks to play with all of them but the girl replied “I am going to generate my terrify crow” and she performed finished that. Many children ages among 3 and 5, will be impulsive flitting to one activity to another (Berger, 178) A J’s demonstrated her well-developed fine electric motor skills by simply cutting the paper, pull flowers on the board; pick-up her snacks, unzipped her sweatshirt and ties her shoes (Berger, 170).

When A J unzipped her sweatshirt she could not undo the zipper at the bottom to completely unzip so she pulled this from the cover over her head to wax off. She was dancing and jumping on the carpet during circle period. While outside the house on the playground A J was running nonstop on the complete playground, press the tyre swing with her ft . and climbed up the step ladder, ride the bike, lift water container to transfer water for the sand package. I didn’t see her falling or perhaps slipping on any of these activities. She has an excellent balance and these means A J’s gross motor unit skills happen to be well-developed (Berger, 170).

Intellectual Development Piaget second period of Preoperational brains shows representational thoughts (Berger, 182). While doing the scare crow project, A J demands the teacher “Mrs. Rodriguez can I include a big terrify crow?

The teacher ask why your woman replied “to protect us from the witch” This representational thought discussed animism. Various young children assumed that natural objects happen to be alive (Berger, 182). A J shows egocentrism if the scarecrow task is done she said “perfect!

I will present this to mommy, I’m sure she will love it! ” Egocentric kids contemplate the earth exclusively using their personal perspective. She anticipated that her mom will love what she did (Berger, 182) I noticed that A J focuses on presence. When her boy classmate told her they may have the same sneakers, she replied “No, are not. Mine is usually pink, you have blue”. Although, they are both have converse sneakers the only big difference is the color (Berger, 182).

When A M entered the space she right away approached every one of the teachers declaring good morning. The girl even starts her time on the table working with her teacher, asking inquiries how to get it done and her teacher inturn is leading and helping her tips on how to do the operate. A L is learning on what Vygotsky believed; social learning.

This highlighted that pondering is molded by other peoples’ wants and desired goals. A L is learning from her teacher through guided participation within just her region of proximal development (ZPD) an intellectual arena wherever new concepts and abilities can be mastered. Her learning depends on the teachers’ willingness and ability to give scaffolding or temporary support to help into their developmental sector (Berger, 184).

A L is very curious; she usually asks her teacher inquiries like: “why do we desire a lot of frighten crow? ” “Why do we need to suspend it” “why Ayana is definitely not here today” the lady even requires “Why Mrs. Brown has on a Phone chrgr shirt today? ” And when she is unsatisfied with the teachers answer, she’d say ” maybe since today is usually Fun Friday” According to theory-theory, the best explanation pertaining to cognition is the fact human seek out reasons, causes and fundamental principles for making sense of their experience. Fascination and believed, connecting components of knowledge and observation develop theories that help children understand please remember (Berger, 186). A M doesn’t demonstrate any idea of what others thinking.

Theory of head is certainly not fully developed at this young age. This capacity is slow to develop yet typically beginning in most children at about age 5 (Berger, 186. ) Language Development A J’s brought a book to her lap wherever three of her girl classmate obtained. “I have got story to share” she said. A J placed the publication up for the group to find out and explained “the name of the book is Via Head To Toe” “a favourite of mine” and then arranged the publication on her clapboard and opened it up to the 1st page.

Ana pointed to each illustration and told a tale based on what she saw in every single picture. Your woman pointed to the next and converted the internet pages one by one. When she come to the end with the book, your woman closed that and stated “the end”.

Then returning to the children and enquire: “Does any person have a questions? ” A J displays significant language expansion in this scenario. “By 4 year old most youngsters are able to state 5-20 word length plus they have about 3, 000-10, 1000 vocabulary terms. ” (Berger, 189). Her verbal language skills are remarkable when the girl speaks in complete and grammatically appropriate sentences. At her age group, she could use “the” “a” content in her sentence.

The lady was able to the correct terms by looking with the picture determining the different types of animals and describing what are they doing. This is the method called quickly mapping where children develop an connected with each other set of classes for words and phrases. When A J is done working on her terrify crow, your woman said to himself “yes! I’m done! ” Occasionally, when reading the book with her classmate she actually is mumbling words like “yeah, that’s right”.

I saw her nodding her head while watching her classmate put the challenge together conforming maybe that what her classmates performing is right. This kind of shows that A J uses private speech, which is talking to herself both out lout or in one’s brain (Berger, 188). She communicates very well with her educator and classmates.

During snack foods, A J was informing her classmates that her birthday can be coming up and it’s going to be a costume party. The girl happily makes announcement she’s going to be California king Elsa. Isabella said “I want to be princess Ana” Mike said “It’s nice if we have snow! ” And everybody agreed to have got a snow idea. Psychological Development Erikson thought children are normally motivated to consider initiative, with joy by new responsibilities, yet vulnerable to feeling guilty (Berger, 206) A J demonstrates a positive sense of self through her project and understanding of her very own skills and accomplishment.

A J was so cheerful when the girl finished her project by simply herself. She feels so very pleased when the tutor praises her with her work. The lady even really wants to show this to her mother. But your woman felt shameful; when the educator reprimands her from helping her classmates answer the questions during circle time. She looks down and stays quite.

Controlling the appearance of feelings, called emotional regulation is definitely the preeminent psychological task between ages 2 and 6 (Berger, 206). A J displays pro-social behavior when ever she cooperates with her peers during clean up period, sharing space on the group time once Samantha wants to sit by Reese simply by moving for the other area (Berger, 226). A J displays empathy in numerous occasions. Empathy is a understanding of other people’s sense and worries (Berger, 226) When Samantha was delivered by her mom; she seemed to be sad and obsessive.

A J approached Samantha and explained “Hi Samantha, Come!  I’m going to teach you my scare crow”. From then on, Samantha is definitely smiling previously and begins doing her scare crow.

Another example is when the children had been running concurrently splashing normal water on the playground and Reese fell on her knees; A L said “stop! Reese got hurt” and everybody stop and the teacher check Reese and asked to move out to the not getting sun area to get examine so others can continue playing. Temperaments vary, which makes people inside the same lifestyle unlike the other person (Berger, 208) A M is so significant of her emotions. The lady giggles and so loud when she is cheerful and got as well excited.

Your woman even leaps and claps her hands when the educator announces “today is entertaining Friday”. Your woman felt unfortunate and calm when the teacher told her to hold back for her consider ride the bike. Nevertheless she didn’t show any kind of sign of aggression or perhaps develop antipathy to her classmates because after a few minutes she is already playing and lively again. A J evolves strong gender awareness when ever she, Isabella, Samantha and Reese obtained together possessing a tea get together while playing outside. When ever Nathan seated on the vacant chair she said “only girls here” “go to your buccaneer ship” pointing to the band of boys playing by the big slides (Berger, 206).

Play “Young kids play greatest with colleagues, that is, people of about a similar age through which they develop positive interpersonal skills” (Berger, 212). Kids need physical activity to develop muscle strength and control. Peers provide an target audience, role designs and competition.

Rough-and-tumble play and socio-dramatic play the two help children with socialization (Berger, 214). A T enjoys playing, inside and outside the class. I noticed that the girl loves socio-dramatic play wherever they rebel various roles and plots (Berger 214). She pretends to be the teacher when she read literature to her classmates and play tea get together. A T and the different girls became a member of the pirate game enjoyed by the boys when their very own tea party is over.

Inside the playground, the lady climbed up the ladder and slides. Rode the tire swing and spin that so quickly that makes myself dizzy seeing them. They play hide and seek; rode the bike, as well as allowed to be in the water tub as long as they take out their shoes and wear the vest and so they don’t get rainy. I think this is how they slept most during outside enjoy. The children happen to be splashing water with each other others and some are attempting to make fine sand castle on the sand region collecting water from the tub using a small bucket.

I would personally say the girl with very strong and healthy mainly because she may lift the bucket full of water with out dropping the bucket or perhaps spill. A J plays most of the time with her classmate. She exhibits cooperative enjoy: Children enjoy together, creating dramas or perhaps taking turns (Berger, 212). The Whole Child and Over Most Impression I actually enjoyed watching this kindergarten, especially A J. At the beginning, I can’t fully understand what captures my personal attention to her.

Now I know, it’s the self confidence she is displaying as the lady enters the classroom. Her aura reflects a fun loving, happy, lively and smart little girl. The lady doesn’t present any doubt coming in the classroom.

The way in which she speaks amazed me personally. She can easily express himself, using more than your five words within a sentence successfully in speaking. She can easily communicate employing words that are understandable and grammatically correct to her classmates and teachers. Although, We hear her couple of instances that the girl mispronounced Mrs. Baptista’s last name as “Mrs.

Batista” which I know can master sooner as her brain grows. A T develop a secure attachment which will according to the text feels great and confident (Berger, 142) for the environment and to the professors since the girl with already with them seeing that she was 2 years aged and some months. It’s a place just like home to her and when she saw me (a stranger) stayed nearby the teacher and enquire about me personally seeking for assurance I believed and seems safe again (Berger, 142).

A J’s physical creation is discovered to be regular and healthful. Her gross motor abilities are well designed. She is extremely active and capable of doing what several years old supposed to do considering she is only 3 years old and 11 a few months such as strolling, running, jumping, dancing, twisting, climbed with the ladder without any physical unbalance. During perform she titters and fun most of the time that this teachers often remind her to lower her voice, which usually sometimes your woman listens but sometimes not really.

A M displays an excellent level in social expansion. She exhibited what Vygotsky believed that “thinking can be shaped simply by other people’s wishes and goals” (Berger, 184). Since she began at the kindergarten by the regarding 2 years and 4 weeks, you can see the bond among her and the teachers.

I can see that the lady enjoys the business of her friends and teacher, the lady always play with her classmates all the time. The lady displayed supportive and large self-esteem valuing their self as a person and confident at her age. I was shocked that in her age group, she can control her emotions. The girl didn’t demonstrate any indication of aggression even when your woman was forced in the line or fell on her lower part or the moment she wants something how many other children’s playing.

She would inquire her teacher if the lady can get that plaything and the teacher will request her to wait for her convert or request the child if the J may play with her/him together. The lady demonstrated perseveration when the lady was acknowledged by her classmates and asks to learn with her which I admired the most since many children ages among 3 and 5 happen to be impulsive flitting to one activity to another (Berger, 178). Also, when had been told to halt teaching her classmates words and phrases that get started with letter “F” although the girl with upset, your woman quietly wait for her use be ask. I noticed that she finished every activity and play before getting to another.

I realize it’s hard to master this kind of at the extremely young age yet she achieved it. That makes her exemplary good on this degree of development. A J’s curiosity makes her smart and learned the euphoric pleasures. She frequently asks inquiries to her instructors and classmates about everything to understand please remember (Berger, 186). And I can easily see that the girl with learning well through well guided participation within just her sector of distance.

A J’s cognitive expansion seemed to be common, at her age. Her preoperational thought is representational and mysterious (Berger, 182). She is not mature to acquire logical thinking.

Maybe this is the reason why she loved socio remarkable play quite often. She presumed that the big scare crow will protect her from your witch. She actually is fond of “Olaf” the snow man friend of Full Elsa in the movie “Frozen”. She wanted to have “Olaf” on her birthday. She is egocentric where the lady expected men and women would appreciate and appreciate things the girl do (Berger, 182).

Your woman focusses about appearance and I think fully conscious of gender variations as the girl pointed out to her boy classmates that they are diverse because of footwear color as well as the boys is usually not allowed to try out tea get together. She makes me smiles most of the time (because I can’t laugh when observing them) with her actions and words, especially when they are speaking about their appetizers and the girl said I have a “goldfish sandwich” as the girl make goldfish put raisin on the middle to make that like a sandwich. That makes most her classmates laugh and think of anything silly as well to describe all their snack.

The lady can even make-believe to be the educator while reading the catalogs to them. It’s thus amazing how she may do the story-telling just like what her teacher perform from the beginning right up until the end. And I’m surprised how her classmates offer their complete attention because she pretend that to read the book.

Generally, little kids talks all the time without ok bye as to who is talking, although here, I discovered that children already learned to respect their classmates and teachers when they are talking. After viewing the planet of the kindergarten, I have enter conclusion it contains each of the element of top quality preschool. They provide Christian atmosphere that encourage the psychic, social, psychological, physical and intellectual regarding each child. The target is to enable each kid grow and learn in a secure and revitalizing environment at their own pace. I’ve learned also from your teachers that each Tuesday’s category they designed good Christian living in all their lesson.

We believed it’s a good way of teaching children’s values in life following the way of Jesus. I feel that the environment, specially the many stimulating areas help to individualize each child’s learning like Reading nook, Math area, Letters, Dramatic play, Children’s corner that shows routine, calendars, and announcement plus the star pupil of the month. It is important to have orderly and stimulating areas for the children to freely choose what to participate in.

My spouse and i believed the fact that teachers have got a great knowledge of child advancement and education. This reveals in their daily schedule published in the Children’s which detailed the daily routine for the children. For example , circle time, Mathematics & letter followed by mid-morning snacks then followed by outdoors play.

It is important that the children in the preschool engage in routines. Exercises assist kids in learning through both repetition and consistency. The preschool program is certainly based on pushing learning and respecting children’s exploration. Teachers and staff respect every single child for what they are and help them live fully and happy to the best of their potential. This preschool observation is very interesting.

I’d learned the important role of teachers in nurturing almost all aspects of expansion: social, emotional, cognitive and physical. In every single interaction, the teachers appropriately nurture their very own growth and development. The training and principles that the professors impart for their students has great influences to them later in life. Through this experience, I are pleased to master that kindergarten may appear to be all fun and games –music, story period, dancing, art but the children are learning through play and creative activity.

They will learned to fix problem playing building blocks. For a very early age, the children develop good learning habits and positive self-pride. Children are capable of learning at their particular pace and make their particular decision.

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