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Yet another example of what sort of company discovered how to use techno0loigy effectively inside their new product expansion strategies is usually Motorola. Having been initially challenged with the whole process of new product development and introductions due to a unsalable company, Motorola was able to spin off the new product development of their well-liked Razr phone and gain significant market share as a result (Burkett, 2005). These examples illustrates how technology have been used to mitigate the chance of new product introductions. The success of the Razr product launch (Burkett, 2005) is a case in point. Mattel and Coca Cola have extensive applications for using technology-based devices and applications for listening to customers, however in the case of the product introductions pointed out, they failed to accurately determine the level of involvement in product concepts.

Legal and Ethical Implications of New Product Development

The legal and ethical considerations of launching a power drink named after an illegal drug, Crack, immediately drew criticism and legal actions on the part of father and mother and buyer groups (Starling, 2007) (Starling, 2006). The ethics of promoting a power drink to pre-teen and teenage customers which are as well the identity of a remarkably addictive and dangerous medication showed an exceptional lack of legal and honest judgment. Debatably the release of Earring Magic Ashton kutcher by Mattel, who seems to endorse another solution lifestyle while using costume and earning, was considered dishonest and in poor taste by majority of father and mother who are definitely the primary decision makers of which in turn toys their children buy (Gillian, 2003). These lapses of judgment for companies happen when the possibility of attention in the market overshadows good sense. Developing a power drink given its name an illegal substance just underscores this time.


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