Projects and initiatives in counter terrorism

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The purpose of this working group is to synchronize the implementation of Leaders’ Statements and commitments about fighting terrorism and improving human protection. It helps help members to distinguish and assess counter-terrorism needs, as well as coordinate capacity building and technical assistance courses. This working group consists of cooperating with the relevant foreign and local organizations and facilitates co-operation between APEC fora in counter-terrorism issues.

There are plans to stay implementation of CTWG Proper Plan 2013 2017, APEC Counter-Terrorism and Secure Operate Strategy and increase assistance among APEC economies to cope with the development of terrorist threats as well as the growth of chaotic extremism also to promote the security and strength of businesses and communities.

There are several on-going / recommended projects and initiatives:

Secure Travel

The US conducted the CTWG Safeguarded Travel Workshop on “Countering Foreign Terrorist Fighters Travel” that came about on 30-31 August 2015 in Cebu. It outlined the threat that FTFs and their travelling poses towards the Asia Pacific cycles Region, and also explained how come Advance Voyager Information (API) Systems work in helping to mitigate that threat.

Secure Finance

The United States executed the CTWG Secure Financial Workshop in Countering the Financing of Terrorism with New Payment Systems (NPS) that occured on 20-31 January 2015 in Clark, which offered to working level monetary crimes plan and detailed representatives via APEC financial systems the opportunity to employ and help develop or enhance the sizes to promote the legal and transparent make use of NPS and effectively countertop the dubious uses of NPS. Secure Supply Chains The US-funded joint Transact Recovery Project, with the Travel Working Group and the Sub-Committee on Traditions Procedures, provides its history in the 2006 Leader’s Statement that determined the importance of trade restoration from terrorism or key natural problems. The goal of transact recovery is always to resume supply chain and trade businesses as quickly and efficiently as is feasible after a main incident.

Secure Infrastructure

Led simply by Canada, CTWG is developing a Major Occasions Security Construction that provides APEC economies with common techniques and criteria to efficiently plan, perform and close-out major function security just like high profile situations like the Olympics or the Universe Cup. There is also a new task which is self-funded by the US, named Critical Infrastructure Reliability and Resilience. It will focus on ensuring the security of the critical infrastructure required for an overall economy to function including power, normal water, transportation, and communications. The project will certainly reduce hazards to essential infrastructure caused by attacks, incidents and natural disasters and ensure businesses can be started again quickly.

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