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Freud’s latency period theory is accurate, because these years are mainly centered on social interaction with others (Friedman & Schustack, p. 72, 2012). This level is not considered to be a stage of the psychosexual expansion; rather the is placed in other activities including sports, school, and sociable interaction with their peers (Stevenson, 1996). Through the latency period the sexual drive is suppressed and this is the central time for the development of social abilities (“Freud’s Psychoanalysis: A Revolutionary Approach”, 2012).

Freud theorized currently a child goes through “infantile amnesia” it is when the child does not remember the unwanted memories that will be deemed while traumatic for him/her (“Definition: Latency Period”, n. g. ). If you have anything that gone amiss this is how it will learn to show-up inside the personality (“Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development”, n. m. ). Penile stage of psychosexual advancement is the previous phase in Freudian theory. This stage starts on the onset of puberty and goes into adulthood (“Sigmund Freud’s Psychosexual Development”, d. d. ). Previous phases were generally on specific accomplishments and learning one’s place in the family along with society.

Individuals normally learn to develop lovemaking desires intended for the opposite sex at the beginning of this stage and last till death (Cherry, n. m. ). It is of the most importance that there are not any problems with the other periods, if some issues were not resolved inside the other stages; more than likely it is going to carry more than into the last stage and may lead to extreme psychological concerns for the adult (The Science Museum, 2004). Some points about Freudian theory are understandable, although there are certain aspects of it a person might disagree on. For instance the Phallic level is once “the kid is focused within the genitals” (Friedman & Schustack, p. 69, 2012).

Children at that era are too young to understand items in a intimate way. If a child does understand things like that too age; a person could rightfully be thinking that some thing traumatic features happened towards the child to lead the child into that sort of behavior such as masturbation. Starting at about age two a child gets into the Anal stage (Friedman & Schustack, p. 68, 2012). Kids as well as adults need alleviation, when you need to travel you need to proceed; they such as children do not understand let alone are equipped for using the bathroom unless they are really properly conditioned to do so.

When a child does try to maintain –it in; that would be an indicator which the parents are not doing some thing right to start with. Scolding a young child for not going at a particular time, could possibly be an sign, if the child is trying to holding it in. You will find five different stages of Freudian theory and each having its own sets of personal qualities, depending on if a person becomes fixated for a certain stage. Oral level is the initially stage, it is known that if a person turns into fixated at this stage they may develop behaviors such as, dependency, attachment, and always having something in their mouth, such as gum, and smoking cigarettes products (Friedman & Schustack, p. 68, 2012).

Anal stage of development is said to include actions such as concern with neatness, buy, and business. They might love bathroom joy jokes etc (Friedman & Schustack, s. 69, 2012). Phallic level is mainly worried about developing intimate relationships and can have a profound impact on these kinds of associations. If the trouble is not resolved before a person establishes this kind of romantic relationship with someone else (Friedman & Schustack, s. 70, 2012).

Latency period can have an effect negative effects on behavior as well just like any other stage of creation. Even though this era is not supplied in the psychosexual stages of development (Friedman & Schustack, p. 72, 2012). Genital stage of development is definitely the last stage in the Freudian theory; complications can happen because of unresolved issues in the other levels or can also develop with this stage beneath the right instances. Defense mechanisms is surely an attribute that the majority of people have to help deal with items that may be too hard to bear normally (Friedman & Schustack, p. 75, 2012).

Repression is one of the coping systems that are used by someone who has been traumatized, including sexual mistreatment or watching a horrible celebration such as a violent death of somebody close to these people. Denial is another form of coping, though it is unhealthy.

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