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Forte – Having been one of the main personas in the short story. He was Leon’s more youthful brother. Baldo was unperturbed man, and he was calm. He was the narrator from the story. Leon – He was the oldest brother of Baldo. Having been the husband of Maria. Maria called him Noel. Maria – Your woman was a beautiful and lovely. Her forehead was on a level with his mouth, her fingernails or toenails were very long, but they are not painted, and still have a small dimple appeared momentarily high up on her behalf right cheek.

She was tall and intensely still. Her fragrance was like a early morning when papayas are in bloom.

Labang – The half truths of Leon and Baldo.

Father – He was weakest – tempered, gentlest gentleman. He was the daddy of Baldo and Leon.

Mother – Having been the mom of Baldo and Leon.

Aurelia – The lady was the sister of Forte and Leon.

Summary as well as Synopsis:

Karen was a better half of Leon. She was lovely and beautiful. Her fragrant such as a morning once papayas happen to be in bloom. Leon was lived in significantly place of Nagrebcan. Leon helped bring Maria to Nagrebcan to introduce to his father. The few enjoys discussing while in traveled traveling in the trolley hitch to Labang. Baldo who is calm and seeing his brother and other half. When they showed up home, Forte went to the room of his father. The space is quiet and darker. His dad was cigarette smoking while sat in the big armchair by western windows. And they speak about Maria. Afterwards the door opened, and Leon and Nancy came in. Baldo looked to Maria and went out to watered Labang which his father advised to him.


Forte is the narrator of the history because he is definitely the one who pertains us so what happened to the tale. Were Forte is the younger brother of Leon. Forte is a quiet person. It is extremely detectable that Baldo is observing his brother Leon and loved one how is Maria. The moment his dad asks him “Was the lady afraid of Labang? ” Forte lied and says “No, Father, she was not worried. ” Though Maria scared. It means that Baldo just like Maria being a wife of Leon although inside, he also admires the beauty of Helen. In below, the main heroes were the couple Leon and Helen. Leon contains a strong character because he did not afraid to present Maria to his dad as her wife. He was very proud of Maria as her wife.

Maria genuinely love Leon because the girl fight for what she believe was right, it doesn’t matter if the world told her that it’s incorrect. I could say that Maria as well as the mother of Leon plays and represent the Filipino women. The father of Forte has a profound personality. Having been a conscientiously father as they use his righteous method as a head of the family. It just means that the daddy or the man is the authority. He will not want Leon to go to the incorrect way. So , he makes some tests to Nancy trying to evaluation Maria’s characteristic, her frame of mind, her appears, how your woman talks as well as the way your woman handle the specific situation. His mother was a responsibly mother. The girl does the mild of the as well as represents the Filipino girls.


The setting from the story is at Nagrebcan, Leon’s hometown. This story happens in a plantation where people would generally ride in carabao. The location was in the neighborhood province. In the story, Karen who was Leon’s wife described physically and with her posture as a conservative and traditionalist which in turn would probably referred to as a Philippine woman. Alternatively, they took a magic formula in a field. In my opinion, one can visualize there is some kind of a test to get the two of them. Nancy must exceed that trial. It was while there family of Leon is attempting to test Maria’s characteristic, her attitude, her looks, how she reveals and the way she manage the situation.


The plan is compose of inciting action, increasing action, climax, falling action, and summary. The inciting action was when “She stepped to the Carretela of Florida Celin having a quick, fragile grace. She look lovely, she was tall. The lady looked up to my brother with a smile, and her forehead was on level together with his mouth. ” The increasing action was when they had taken the dry bed of Waig instead of moving the Manera Real and it was the wish of there father to go by Waig. The climaxing of the tale was when ever Maria told Leon that she was afraid of his father in law probably his daddy thinking of not really liking her. The falling action emerged when Leon was searching for his or her father and her mother told these people that his leg is bothering him again. The conclusion was when Baldo combination the tolerance of his father and have him about Maria. Soon after the door opened up and Leon and Karen came in. Forte looked to Maria therefore lovely and went out to watered Labang which his father advised him.


The theme of the story can be Love makes Maria and Leon get straight whatever struggles come will be ignore to them. My spouse and i don’t know in the event there romantic relationship will last very long because Karen is a city girl while Leon is actually a barrio boy. Reactions with the story:

My personal reaction of the storyplot is the story is good and it shows to the modern day youth set up story is very old. I actually describe Helen as an example of Filipino women and also her attitude being a “mahinhin”. The couple Leon and Karen faces a large number of trials whilst in traveled to Nagrebcan. Even though, Maria handed those tests. So , consequently Maria is extremely understanding kind of girl. The story talks about the characteristic of Maria, her attitude, her looks, just how she talks and the approach she manage the situation that riding a bull and passed through Waig. Therefore , basically a woman creates for men.


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