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The media can be an industry where competition is definitely intense and it has been utilized by the government individuals, organizations, institutions, society, and family etc . for numerous purposes. Yet , due to the elevating competition on the market, many sometimes the functions and tasks which the multimedia owes to the society are significantly forgotten.

There are various capabilities of the press some will be discussed down the road in this newspaper. The aim of the media needs to a fearfully large extent altered from satisfying its tasks to the society, rather their focus can often be on how much entertainment they will offer for their audience and how much money they can help to make and how quickly they can help to make it. Entertainment and money making is definitely enter the presence, survival and growth of this kind of industry, on the other hand, this should not really be achieved by inappropriately portraying a group’s identity in a form. MEANING OF KEY TERMS Structure To make or make, by putting together ideas, pieces or fights. Group Identity This refers to a person’s perception of belonging to a group.

Media- Are connection channels through which news, entertainment, education, info or advertising messages are disseminated. Media includes every single broadcasting and narrow casting medium such as newspapers, journals, TV, radio, billboards, normal mail, telephone, send and net (business dictionary, 2015). ASSUMPTIVE FRAMEWORK SOCIABLE IDENTITY THEORY BY TAJFEL & TURNER (1979) This theory was propounded in order to understand the emotional reasons and basis to get inter- group discrimination. The constituents of this theory goes thus: Categorization- This can be the process of putting ourselves yet others into categories, our self-image is linked to the categories all of us belong to.

Identity This can be a process in which we relate ourselves with certain sets of people. On the other hand there are some groups we don’t want to be determined with (out groups) in addition to some we might want to be identified with (in groups). Comparison- This is the procedure through which all of us compare each of our groups to groups, thereby creating a positive bias for the groups by which we are associates of. This kind of aspect of this kind of work will certainly focus on two salient capabilities of the media amidst the different ones there are. Social heritage function- The onus is situated on the mass media to send positive ethnic and cultural values regarding every existing race and ethnic group.

The act of highlighting and spotlighting the various negativities of competitions and cultural groups should be avoided. Surveillance function- This can be a duty the media owes to the society in circulating news and information when it is necessary, the press is responsible for featuring information about incidents. THE CONSTRUCTION OF GROUP IDENTITY BY HOLLYWOOD (A ANALYZE OF THE LATINO RACE) You will find five celebrated races on the globe: 1) Mongoloid (Asian and American Indian) 2) Caucasoid (European) 3) Australoid (Australian and oceanic) 4) Negroid (East Africa black).

5) Capoid (South African black) The Latinos could be said to belong to the Mongoloid competition and most with the 315 million people who stay in the United States of America will be either foreign nationals or have ancestry to another country. In actual fact, the only truly American individuals are the Local ones. The us is based on the idea of migration in pursuit of a better cultural and economical life.

According to U. S. Census Bureau (2012), there are approximately 52 million Hispanics/Latinos moving into the United States, addressing approximately 16. 7% with the total populace of Usa, and which makes them the nation’s largest ethnic minority. Between Hispanic subgroups, Mexicans scored as the largest at 63%, followed by Desfiladero Ricans (9. 2%), Cubans (3. 5%), Salvadorans (3.

3%), Dominicans (2. 8%), and the staying 18. 2% were Colombians, Guatemalans, Costa da prata, Honduras, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, B razil.

The main reason for his or her migration continues to be either that they can be politically decreasing in numbers or have economical problems. As an example the Cubans who ended up being in America desired to escape through the political conditions within their country. Escaping from the communist government utilized in Barrica, they were considered as political refugees’ in America for three and a half many years until 95. As a result of America’s opposition for the Cuban authorities, they were cured in America greater than almost any other cultural group. It has also been partially because of their dangerous of education and professionalism and reliability before migration (Martins, 06\ as noticed in Mousavi & Sadeghi, 2013).

Latinos, People in mexico in particular, mostly live in the Southwest; practically half in California and Texas. Muelle Ricans are mainly in the East and Cubans are in Florida. In line with the U. H. Census Bureau, legal Hispanic household cash flow is only 75 percent of White American income. There’s also a high price of low income and lack of employment among them, and the socio economic status are at a low level.

The cause for this situation can be partially all their jobs being the lowest paid ones, all their low education level, and employment elegance (Camarillo and Bonilla, 2001). They are present in the news, advertisements, election promotions, political arguments, television and films. The normal major feature that is within all of these portrayals is the complications related to all of them that should be resolved and not to get glorified, overstated or exploited by Hollywood. Before now African Americans were more likely to become portrayed as domestic personnel in Showmanship. African People in the usa played main roles in television sitcoms such as Beulah in the 1950’s and Gone with the wind in 1939.

In recent times Latinos have significantly replaced African Americans as Hollywood domestics. Hollywood features presented the wrong reality of the Latino visitors to the American people also to the world in particular, it has overstated a poor picture of this particular contest. Although the Latinos who are in America attract more roles to learn in Hollywood, most of these tasks are stated in the next passage. The Latino female is normally presented being a temptress, vamp, lustful, promiscuous, unfaithful, manipulative, of loose morals or perhaps submissive at times in relation to a white men fantasy, low class, serving the whites. A directory of Ten Latino Female designers who have enjoyed the role of a cleaning service in Showmanship Movies/series.

Jennifer Lopez Maid in Manhattan, 2002 Aida Linares- Clueless, 1995 Lupe Ontiveros- As good as it gets, 1997 (She has played an estimate of a hundred and fifty maid jobs on television). Consuela-Family Guy, 2005-till present Nadine Valesquez-My name is Earl, 2005-2009 Paz Vega- Spanglish, 2004 Kate Delete Castillo- La misma Luna, 2007 Adriana Barraza- Babel, 06\ Catalina Saavedra, The maid, 2009 Roselyn Sanchez, Devious Maids, 2013- till present Pania Ramirez Devious Maids, 2013 till present THE PRESS, DIVERSITY AND SOCIAL MODIFY INITIATIVE (MDSCI)’S SIX YEAR STUDY SHOWS SOME STATISTICS.

Among the racial and ethnic groups analyzed in the Multimedia, Diversity, and Social Transform Initiative’s survey, released Aug 2014, Latinos made up just 4. 9% of motion picture characters across 100 of 2013’s top-grossing films. Based on the U. S i9000. Census Bureau’s estimates, you will find roughly 52 million Latinos in the U. S. since July you, 2011, or perhaps over 16% of the current U. S i9000. population. The number of is on course to reach 132. 8 mil or about thirty percent of the U. S. human population by July you, 2050.

LATINOS THAT ARE PORTRAYED IN TOP-GROSSING MOVIES ARE MAINLY NAKED. While the study really does note that Hispanic females (37. 3%) were more likely to always be featured in popular videos than had been white females (29. 6%) or Hard anodized cookware females (32%), Latinas are also more likely than females among one of the other groups studied (37.

5%, to be precise) to get shown partially dressed or nude within the big screen. LATINOS ARE ALSO REMARKABLY LIKELY TO BE SEXUALIZED. The sexualization of Latinos does not end with ladies.

Latino men were one of the most likely among the list of studied teams (16. 5%) to be portrayed wearing tight, alluring or perhaps revealing clothing. DANGERS OF THE UNFAVORABLE PORTRAYAL OF RACE & ETHNICITY BY THE MEDIA?

As there is a trend to believe what is represented or perhaps depicted by media; since particular races or cultural groups tend to be negatively portrayed, others who have are not knowledgeable about such population group are guaranteed to believe they are actually how a media provides presented all of them.? Another hazard of bad portrayals of race/ethnic teams by the media is that the young ones via such organizations may not be in a position to see themselves better than how a media provides portrayed them. For example if the race is usually continually depicted as a maid or since vulgar killer the younger generation of such groupings may not discover anything incorrect with being that way and could actually end up being same.?

This kind of race possess existing challenges of work, poor education; the constant depictions consequently does not support solve these types of problems, yet only worsens them.? It can be difficult for individuals that are negatively portrayed to keep relationships with or amongst other competitions who are depicted as superior to all of them. THE NOLLYWOOD CONSTRUCT OF ETHNICITY (A STUDY IN THE YORUBA, AND NORTHERN NIGERIANS) The founding fathers of Yoruba movies in Nigeria i. electronic. Herbert Ogunde, Moses Olaiya (Baba Sala) Based all their works on the constructive principles of the Yoruba ethnic group without leaving their market entertained.

Recently Nollywood features neglected the transfer of social historical past function in the production of Yoruba movies. More often than necessary harassing statements, pouring of curses and the technology of these kinds of and rascality has been identifiable with Yoruba films. The rich Yoruba culture that the world can learn from is normally being ruined by our film market. However there are various Yoruba manufacturers who focus on spreading the positivity of the Yoruba lifestyle i. at the. Tunde Kelani, Tade Ogidan, Yinka Afolayan.

Men from your Northern part of Nigeria are usually often times portrayed as whether gateman or the security guy of a well-established family. The character who may be Yoruba speaks like a man from the north to encourage the audience the fact that gateman is known as a man through the Northern section of the Country. Little does Nollywood know that most of the gatemen in Lagos that we can speak for are not even Nigerians.

I have noticed that most from the gatemen/security guys in reality are in reality from Niger Republic many of them look like Nigerian Northerners, can speak Hausa language but they are not Nigerians. RECOMMENDATIONS? Just about every race has its own sort of worth and norms that could be positive, the press should hereby seek out this sort of and distributed them. The media must respect the very fact that every human person features dignity and should be pictured as such.?

They never should never assume that a certain race or perhaps ethnicity is no more than the additional, regardless of the compa?ero economic position of these kinds of groups.? The media should seek to solve the problems faced by some competitions and ethnic groups instead of exploit all of them. The multimedia should be informed that they are socially responsible for the society, hence they should be conscious of what they feed the society with.

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