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REBT and Christian Principles

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and Christian Principles in Adults

The goal of realistic emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) is to assist individuals address and resolve behavioral and emotional problems to enable them to lead larger, happier, and better lives (Dryden, 2005). In many ways, Christian principles are very similar, as a relationship with Jesus Christ often allows people live their hails from better techniques, feel more happy, and find a sense of fulfillment (Nielsen, Johnson, Ellis, 2001). Having the two to work together, though, can be to some degree difficult since psychology and religion have a long history and are at probabilities when it comes to just how issues through the past must be handled. That is not mean that psychology and religious beliefs cannot come together, though, also because there are ways to connect them together it is possible to work with both to aid young adults together with the issues with that they struggle as they grow and mature in society.

Initial, one has to look at REBT by itself. Helping persons address and accept emotional and behavioral issues that are currently in their lives or that are to be dredged up from their past is a valid and significant goal (Ellis, Abrams, Abrams, 2008). Counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists happen to be, as a whole, deeply committed to making certain people are capable to work through the down sides they face and business lead lives which will make them completely happy and content material. Fulfillment of goals and desires is very important, but feeling fulfilled like a human being is definitely something that comes from within and can be hindered by emotional and behavioral baggage (Ellis Dryden, 2007). With REBT, the acceptance of these concerns must come before. Then, the working through with the issues turns into the focus. The specific technique used is usually talk therapy, because prescription medication is not going to trigger someone to forget about his or her mental or behavioral issues or perhaps work through these questions healthy method.

Second, it is very important to look at the main values and tenets of Christianity with regards to how persons relate to themselves, one another, and their pasts. The idea in Christ and His fatality and revival is at the core of Christianity, although there is considerably more to this than that (Nielsen, Manley, Ellis, 2001). For example , people who believe that God makes people a certain means for a reason, and that He does not make a few mistakes, must rationalize that the psychological and behavioral issues they are really facing will be for a purpose. These issues might be to teach these people something, or perhaps they may be to show someone else a thing, but they are not just burdens to deal with (Nielsen, Manley, Ellis, 2001). Seeing problems as valuable learning tools rather than painful concerns, though, may take time and work. Especially with young people who may not be since capable of coping with problems and issues in life, there could be many concerns and difficult occasions when coping with emotional and behavioral issues without any sort of counseling, support, or support.

The third issue to face when it comes to Christian concepts and REBT is that youngsters are often different in the way they look at the universe than seniors. It is very important for anybody working with those to be obviously aware of that so that data presented to these younger people can be shown in a way to which they can completely respond. While society becomes more seglar, these more youthful people might not exactly get any sort of Christian education at home. They are really certainly not getting hired in school ever again, and if they just do not have colleagues who happen to be religious, they could know little about The almighty and His appreciate for them. Only some young people who also hear about The almighty want a marriage with Him, but when it could be incorporated in REBT approaches and equipment, they are likely to be more open (Dryden, 2005; Nielsen, Meeks, Ellis, 2001). Overdoing the “religious” part of counseling with those who are not religious may turn them far from getting help, so a balance must be sought.

For teenagers and others who are still very young, there is a immense amount of peer pressure. If a small person’s colleagues do not believe that Christianity can be “cool, inches it will be more challenging to get that young person to be open to that. However , there exists a way to address Christianity

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