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What exactly is law? A law is a rule of conduct, established by government, for society to follow along with and follow. Laws had been around in civilizations for several, many years.

The first know set of regulations was written by King Hammurabi. Hammurabi reigned over in Babylon, from 1792- 1750 N. C. At the. The Code of Hammurabi which is the first written set of laws and regulations known to mankind, set the stage for any laws created, even today. You might ask why do some of us need laws and regulations in our culture? The meaning, and performance of regulations in a democratic society should be to establish rule of conduct, protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, and provide safeguard for world.

In world we live with, and interact with others, and that we need regulations to stop, and to control inescapable conflicts and problems that happen every day. For this reason we need to establish rules of conduct. The Highway Traffic Acts produce a minimum generating age, velocity limit, mandatory seat belts, these types of laws control problems because they make the roads more secure for all of us and for that reason many life is saved. The Copyright Action also helps prevent conflicts and problems as it prevents others from copying’ other people or groups work.

For that reason there are many significantly less cases that go to court docket because of the Copyright Act, which prevents challenges. We need laws and regulations to protect the rights and freedoms. Regulations are required to protect our most much-loved thing, that is certainly our privileges, and each of our freedom. We have to have our rights and freedom protected by other folks, because all of us cannot do it ourselves, this is why we have the RCMP, as well as the provincial law enforcement to protect all of us.

The police ensure public safety and safety of your life. Criminal regulation also protects our privileges and liberties because earning it illegitimate for others to do things like attack and harass us. The criminal code protects us the best of most because others know what is definitely wrong, of course, if they disobey the legal code, they will be punished for it. Last but not least we need regulations to provide safeguard in culture. This means that we want laws to shield ourselves from others whom try to take advantage of us.

Such as there are deal laws, that they protect all of us form storeowners and managers who may possibly try to take full advantage of young people, and make them assist no brakes. There are also labor laws, that they assure us that we will work in safe and clean working circumstances, and that all of us make at least wage. In addition there are laws that protect handicap people, and assure all of them the requirements of lifestyle.

The meaning and function of law in culture is to build rules in the event conduct, protect rights and freedoms, and provide protection for society. The rental of rights and liberties says, Everyone has the right to life, liberty and reliability of the person and the correct not to always be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice. What this means is that everyone is free, has privileges, and may not be deprived of this by any individual. The regulations are made to guard us, and our legal rights.

Laws are essential in society so that we can live our lives in peacefulness and pleasure.

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