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Reconstruction was obviously a time period, following a Civil War, which aimed at rebuilding the country. Reconstruction was primarily concentrated with readmitting the seceded states into the Union. One other major issue was the condition of the approximately 4 million freedmen.

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When captivity was eliminated in the 13th Amendment, Southerners used dark codes to maintain control over blacks. These state laws different in tightness and fine detail from state to state, that they abased the status from the freedmen by regulating their very own activities and treating them as interpersonal and city inferiors.

Generally black codes were not beneficial, as the supposedly freedmen were cured little more than slaves.

Furthermore, to define the status of freed men and women and control all their labor, a lot of legislatures basically revised significant sections of the slave codes by replacing the word freedmen for slave. (pg. 448 Nortan)

Congress would not are a symbol of such injustice. In 1865 the Freedmens Bureau was established. The Freedmens Bureau is regarded as by many as a failure since blacks had been living in low income and had been still victims of injustice.

In spite of the many criticisms, the Freedmens Bureau do help African-Americans gain several humanitarian reforms, most importantly the right of education. Slaves had been denied of such basic rights concerning read a book at their particular will. Education was independence from slaverys incarcerating lack of knowledge.

The federal government and northern reformers of the two races aided this pursuit of education. Presented the eventual failure of Reconstruction, the gains that African-Americans made in their daily lives often turned out the most enduring. pg 460 Nortan

Inspite of its successes, the Freedmens Bureau did not solve the serious economic problems of Africa Americans.

Most of them continued to live in poverty. They also suffered with racist risks and assault and by laws restricting their detrimental rights. All these problems solid a profound shadow more than their fresh freedom.

Assault against African-Americans occurred through the first days of the Reconstructionklansmen rode to frustrate Reconstruction and keep the freedman in subjection. Nighttime harassment whippings, beatings, and murder started to be common, and terrorism completely outclassed some areas. Nortan Pg.


In spite of its achievements, the Freedmens Bureau did not resolve the serious financial problems of African Us citizens. Most of them continued to live in low income. They also suffered with racist hazards and assault and by laws restricting their civil rights. All these problems players a deep shadow above their new freedom. (http://www.campus.

northpark. edu/history/WebChron/USA/14Ammend. html)


(http://www.campus.northpark. edu/history/WebChron/USA/14Ammend.


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