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1 . A vital part of becoming an independent student is reflecting on your learning. Go to the following link in the University of Hull and pay attention to more means be a reflective learner: School of The hawaiian islands Reflective Learning 2 . Being an independent learner is a standards for college or university learning and success.

Plainly, learning on their own is a complicated activity that requires many things nevertheless crucially it needs the ability to consider responsibility for and to reflect on your learning so that you can accomplish the desired goals that you established for yourself. Find out more about what it means to become an independent spanish student and how you can improve in this field by going to the following link and scanning this article coming from Hull School: Study Advice 1 . Write a short paragraph answering the next questions: a) Describe numerous things that you have completed or are undertaking at university that would be defined as independent learning. b) Getting motivated, assured and reflecting were highlighted in the content as step to independent learning.

How do you charge yourself during these areas? c) Referring to the articles above, describe the best way to improve your impartial learning. One of the important things that we use and I define while independent learning is portfolios. I use all of them not only for any my classes but also for every thing I require a picture of or draw or write or even tutorials that reveals how to make items. I consider that very crucial because it helps me to consider everything I did so and I enjoyed, so each time I have my portfolio and surf it, I remember all the good and great things I did and that make me happy.

I believe, motivation, self confidence, and expression are the important keys to become an efficient independent learner mainly because they give energy that make you really feel that you want to do something that you prefer. And when you are doing something you enjoy it gives you motivation and confidence. Its a kind of circuit that never ends.

And personally I believe those 3 elements happen to be what maintain artists undertaking the good job. In my case I use normal portfolios, but the negative point about that is that a certain period I will conclude having many portfolios that can take a lot of space.

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