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A Worn Route, Poem Analysis, Literary Analysis, Metaphor

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” The level of importance ascribed to this sort of a decision goes beyond a mere walk in the woods, and refers to a choice that alterations one’s lifestyle and what kind desires to have got reconsidered.

Visitors can also infer that this operate is literally about life’s remorse due to the sum of importance which Frost attributes to the decision that the traveller makes. Practically, of course , the traveler is considering which usually road to take. Figuratively, yet , this decision represents a significant life altering decision. As such, it is not necessarily a decision the traveler pushes into precipitously, which the following quotation, in which he analyzes the set of paths, demonstrates. “long We stood as well as And looked down one particular as far as I possibly could / To where that bent inside the undergrowth; / Then required the other” (Frost. ) This verse indicates that author utilizes a copious amount of time in forming this decision. He describes enough time it takes him to decide which usually path to embark upon as “long. ” Additionally, it is important to comprehend that while he’s considering which in turn path to have, he is truly visually checking them as he “looked straight down one. ” Literally, such time put in looking at a path entails scanning a road; figuratively, this section of the poem translates into the traveler considering numerous points of a particular course of action about which he or she is attempting to make a decision. Were this poem only about someone deciding which usually path to have, such a person probably would not have to dedicate so much period considering which usually way for taking. Also, these kinds of a decision would not lead to the level of sadness, sighs, and concern of this decision for a long time. It is rather clear that the poem figuratively represents someone choosing among a life – changing decision and finally regretting that choice.

It truly is interesting to find out how the symbolism in this poem correlates to the aforementioned radical interpretation of computer. Again, the author’s diction plays a very important role in analyzing this kind of imagery. The paths are described as the ones that were “grassy and wished wear, inches as well as “worn” and those which “leaves zero step had trodden black” (Frost). This sort of diction invokes imagery of paths which might be wild and untamed – much like life is. You will find no wrong or correct answers in every area of your life. The fact there are green leaves, which experienced yet to get trampled by simply any other travelers creates pictures of the uncooked elements of mother nature, untamed with no safe answers or ways of passage. This kind of interpretation can be consistent with the opinion that Ice viewed “nature as an antagonist” (Liebman 417). These kinds of are the options we encounter in life – they are all a gamble, and there is very little way of sharing with whether or not they will be fruitful. The imagery Ice uses, consequently , adheres for the interpretation the fact that paths truly represent the figurative streets that one traverses in life.

In summary, it seems fairly apparent that Frost’s poem functions in two standard levels: the literal and figurative. Actually, the narrator is determining which path to walk upon. Literally, this kind of path can be described as metaphor pertaining to the decisions one must make in life. An examination of the diction, symbolism, and make use of metaphor indicates that the narrator also laments the fact that he are not able to take equally paths he sees. Figuratively, of course , this kind of lamenting is definitely symbolic with the regret that folks feel about their particular decisions within their lives. Frost’s preoccupation with such a commonality to everyone’s a lot more one of the reasons he’s regarded as “Among major poets of the British language” (Paton 72).

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