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The historical ideal – the Greeks in old times and education – the tendency today – task – oriented education – the drawbacks of specialty area – education for sustenance. The historic ideal of education is that education needs to be for life and not for sustenance. Knowledge was regarded as a finish in itself but not a means to an end. The historical ideal of education was obviously a liberal one.

Students had been required to generate a study of any variety of subject matter, so that they might make a comparison study and develop their judgement and critical faculty. Knowledge was looked upon being a valuable ownership which one were required to try to acquire with very much trouble and difficulty. Historic scholars believed nothing of travelling to faraway, lands to imbibe at the water fountain – brain of knowledge. They might seek learned teachers and turn their willing disciples.

The ancient Greeks held the view that education had to help a man to have a balanced and well-integrated individuality. It had to assist him to achieve harmony within just his very own being by simply attaining a balance of body, mind and spirit. Completely also to help him to achieve harmony along with his environment wonderful fellow human beings. Education for life is meant to generate a man tolerante, tolerant and broad – minded in his outlook. Is a tendency today, nevertheless , is toward providing for any Business Education or an Education for Livelihood.

Today’s education is a task – oriented education. As a result of this, a large number of Business Universities have sprung up which are supposed to train people to get particular jobs. The knowledge imparted in these colleges is rather limited in range. It is restricted to whatever can be connected with an exclusive profession or trade.

Even though specialization should lean to thoroughness and efficiency, it includes its own disadvantage. The students whom go in for a Business Education turn into narrow – minded. They will lack threshold and the capability to understand another’s point of view.

They will study many methods from the view point of effectiveness and not for aesthetic pleasure. They may not be in a position to relax and enjoy a book because of its own reason if it has no connection with their very own trade or perhaps profession. They might never have the ability to enter and enjoy the magic parts of art and literature.

Education for sustenance does not encourage a student to believe for himself and to develop his imaginative and essential faculties. While his discipline of analyze is very slim, he has no chance to produce a comparative examine, to judge the merits and demerits of other subject matter.

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