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The research will be executed to determine the status of cash flow management of Barangay Caranglaan, Dagupan Town as recognized to their information of barangay operation, to get the year 2013. The facts seemed onto the inflow and outflow activities of the money budget were provided by the federal government; the strategies for allocation; as well as the policies and supervision inside their operation. Since cash flow management broad field encompassing actions and procedure as planning, budgeting expenditure and funds management.

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The research delimited into two activities: 1 . Money inflow. Funds inflow actions are delimited on the cash budget received from the government and the produced income with the barangay. 2 . Cash output.

Cash outflow are delimited on the prise and interest of cash inflow of the barangay in accordance with the area Government Code of 1991. Cash outflow is in terms of disbursement, refers to their very own payments of obligations and appropriations for the purchase of goods and services intended for the execute of typical operations and which improve the assets with the barangay.

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