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In Author Miller’s book The Crucible, there are plenty of passages of literature that may teach all of us valuable your life lessons. The characters described in this novel all appear to have their personal interpersonal issues, but a single character generally seems to stand out. Ruben Proctor is known as a troubled figure and is constantly on the contribute toward his very own downfall. It’s not until the previous play when John Proctor finally regained his self esteem, and paid out the ultimate sacrifice. Proctor’s character shed knowledge and lifestyle lessons in the audience such as the importance of self-reflection, taking responsibility for one’s own mistakes, as well as the power of ethics.

Self-reflection is held and produced in the mind of an individual, and is the way the face sees themselves. We all see ourselves within a different method than those who see us and we are in charge of for how we see ourselves. Our actions, beliefs, and our feeling of that belong all bring about our self-perseverance. The Crucible portrays various aspects of self-reflection, the most notable getting John Proctor’s character. Nevertheless , Proctor’s self-reflection diminished swiftly due to his affair with Abagail. Available The Crucible, John Proctor says, “Because it is my own name! Mainly because I cannot have another in my life! Because I actually lie and sign myself to is placed! Because I am certainly not worth the dust on the feet of these that hold! How may I live without my own name? I have given you my personal soul, leave me my name! inches (Miller 133). Here, Proctor is refusing to testify because he is standing together with his self-image. Only when John Proctor had remained true to his self -image would the affair always be absent, nevertheless his life would be able to escape.

Choosing responsibility for your own actions seems to be a very rare incident in The Crucible and even in present society. The media is consistently covering issues with politics, as well as the mistakes manufactured within the govt. More specifically, the media is currently covering presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as the lies after lies she’s creating to try and cover her tracks. Among John Proctor, and Hillary Clinton it might be concluded that they can be relative in some way. However , only one admitted to his wrong doing so far. Perhaps if perhaps John Proctor took responsibility for his actions earlier in the book, the repercussions of his activities would not always be so extreme. Also, probably Hillary Clinton can use Proctor’s experience to aid her be familiar with importance of owning up to her own mistakes. His errors started with Abagail Williams, and triggered a downhill spiral or perhaps slippery incline, significantly deteriorating the situation. This kind of life lessons can apply at anyone, while everyone makes mistakes.

When Proctor finally confesses to his affair with Abagail Williams, he confirmed that sincerity still continued to be within his morals. The power of his honesty, saved his wife At the from fatality. Also, Proctor concludes that if this individual keeps this secret, he will probably be behaving like a coward and the result would be betraying his wife again. Arthur Miller set a heavy emphasis on John Proctor’s integrity, pressing the importance on to the readers or audience. Integrity is not instilled into each and every person and it is extremely apparent that today’s contemporary society is filled with ethics violators. Today, people with no sense of integrity can easily run intended for president, always be president, and fail to be prosecuted for excessive sincerity violation. Studying The Crucible during this point in time sheds extreme concern intended for society overall. In 1692 integrity was treated towards a more serious matter than it can be today, and it reveals completely. Arthur Miller’s lifestyle lesson is, have integral pride and do not be afraid to be honest.

Self-reflection, owning about mistakes, and one’s sincerity are just few of many qualities that was standing out to the group as a learning experience. The poker site seizures of the crucible, and the books in the book brings a different point of view for its viewers, once relationship is devolved in similarity 1692 to 2016. Although John Proctor is 324 years old, his reflection, blunders, and ethics are still conveniently recognizable for most aspects of modern-day society.

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