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Self Awareness, Representation, Self Evaluation, Social Work

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The discipline of cultural work is usually complicated and requires a great deal of individual empathy and understanding. It is also important to are able to analyze issues from a great intellectual point of view using essential thinking and reasonable understanding. When quite a few forces are combined in harmony, concerns become far more solvable and knowledge runs much freer and is much more effective.

The objective of this dissertation is to combine having these skills by inspecting two items of literature working with poverty plus the effects of sociable work. David K. Shipler’s The Working Poor: Invisible in America and The Cup Castle simply by Jeannette Wall space are the two books which will be compared in this essay. To do this, this operate will evaluate each book separately and indentify personal thoughts, emotions and principles associated with every single. A comparison are made between two works to complete a fuller know-how towards understanding how these articles can help and benefit a social member of staff or somebody working in the particular challenging discipline of cultural work.

The Working Poor

Through this work, Shipler gives a stunning description of some low earning People in the usa and their households. Each tale investigates a specific aspect of where author is critical of society and its social networking. The book makes poignant claims about how precisely poor people are forgotten and never regarded as significant members of any larger community.

Overall, the passages contained throughout this book struck me as being well crafted as I agreed with the tone of many from the arguments presented by Shipler. The common topic around most of the working poor depicted during these accounts is usually how society is failing these people despite their tries at work.

My own important thinking abilities tend to lead me away from some of Shipler’s rationale concerning hard work. The argument is usually rarely presented that effort is a prize in along with itself. Working hard is not something to get avoided always, however , it should be more accurately compensated.

Accepting victimhood is some thing to be avoided, while person responsibility needs to be celebrated and encouraged among all people. A few of these stories avoid this individual responsibility angle, by simply blaming lots of the problems on government and state organizations as opposed to these kinds of poor hard working people providing their permission to these organizations which in most all cases rarely provide their best hobbies.

Shipler’s publication is very important for preserving this thought of self-responsibility and hard work. Good people agree to taking personal responsibility for their lives, professions and success. Hard work and self-confidence is surely an important a part of committing to personal responsibility. Thus is seeing that probably none of us are entitled to anything. We have to make what we receive. If we cannot accurately see who we could, how we react (and how others behave towards us), and how our behavior affects others and our own lives, life will always feel like anything that’s taking place to all of us, rather than some thing we are in control of.

I argue with Shipler’s assessment with the educational systems in his accounts of many of the poor children discussed in his book. This individual wrote inch opportunity and poverty in this country may not be explained by possibly the American Myth that hard work is a panacea or perhaps by the Anti-Myth that the system imprisons poor people. Relief will come, if at all, within an amalgam that recognizes both society’s obligation through federal government and organization, and the person’s obligation through labor and family – and the commitment of the two society and individual hrough education. (p. 300).

Shipler ignored the failure from the educational systems principles and assumes this brand of interpersonal engineering is definitely somehow in anyone’s best interests. I have much less confidence in public areas school program for aiding the poor kids that develop number annually. While the public school systems do work for much more middle category environments, a brand new approach has to be taken in poor urban areas where only half of all children will likely generate through high school graduation. Shipler suggested that cash and attention towards taking new and better universities will help the problem, I believe this is only a immediate solution to a far larger difficulty that usually brings about corruption and misappropriated money.

Shipler resonated much more with my own beliefs when he published ” operating poverty can be described as constellation of difficulties that magnify one another: not just low wages yet also low education, not just dead-end careers but also limited talents, not just insufficient savings although also risky spending, not just poor enclosure but likewise poor raising a child, not just deficiency of health insurance nevertheless also the lack of healthy households. ” Right here he determined the friends and family unit because an important nucleus to healthy societies.

I think that this is the central and most fair argument that may be made in this kind of collection of arguments. Family is the essential unit of social connection because existence starts coming from family. The family, divided into separate jobs for each unit, in the end is exactly what meets the essential needs with the human to make sure survival, when a culture is a social network of people who support this objective. The family members consist of daddy, mother and children. One or two that experienced no children is certainly not considered as children. The father is a head with the family, he can responsible to work to sustain the family currently, the mother and the daddy are both employed by their children since maybe they need have a better future with their children and I think because it is too few the earnings of the daddy to preserve the big friends and family. Mother is in charge of the household by the help of the elder daughter but as the things i said not long ago, the mother is supporting the father to sustain the family. The youngsters has the responsible to study, comply with the mother and the daddy, respect our parents.

The Glass Castle

The A glass Castle is known as a much more shifting piece of literature due to its autobiographical nature plus the personal accounts that resonated from these kinds of a piece. Walls gave a very honest information of her personal experience with lower income as she grew up. Walls was subjected to a gypsy lifestyle at a young grow older and later spent my youth in brutal poverty in rural Western Virginia. Several would consider the her life extremely abusive and rough as being a young girl and this provides the book its character and convinces someone of how low income, crime and family breakdowns in relationships can devastate and motivate at the same time.

The author’s peculiar interpretation of her life is highlighted by many locations that the lady lived in being burned straight down. After the hotel where they can be staying burns down, a young Jeannette starts to think that open fire is a continuing part of her life. The girl believes that her runs into with fire are all connected and influenced by each other. Most importantly, she realizes that her life is unpredictable and her status transitive; ” We wondered if the fire had been out to acquire me. I wondered if all fire was related, like daddy said all humans were related, in case the fire that had used up me that day while I cooked sizzling dogs was somehow coupled to the fire I had flushed over the toilet as well as the fire burning up at the lodge. I did not have the answers to those questions, but what Used to do know was that I occupied a world that at any minute could push through into fire. It was the type of knowledge that resulted in you on your toes. ” (p. 34).

The story really takes a your hands on my interest as Surfaces demonstrated, possibly at a young age that independence was the way out of her indigent state. Walls tells of her tales as a girl

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