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Every standardized breastfeeding language is made for use in many clinical configurations, including house care, ambulatory care, and inpatient treatment, with selected languages offering decided positive aspects within particular circumstances. Although it is true that “improved connection with other rns, health care pros, and managers of the corporations in which nurses work is actually a key benefit of using a standard nursing language” (Rutherford, 2008), the proliferation of a number of nursing ‘languages’ throughout the years has without doubt resulted in discrepancies, wherein the personal preferences of nurses, the policy of the hospital’s business ownership, or other factors decide when, where, and for what reason a specific vocabulary is used.

To address the growing concern in the inability of nurse’s to communicate by using a single standard language system, the Foreign Council of Nurses (ICN) commissioned an extensive study which resulted in the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) being chosen as the most advantageous option. Pertaining to primary treatment nurses requested primarily with patient treatment, the ICNP allows for narrative-form descriptions of patient connections, along with binary recordings of evaluation results and pharmaceutical connections, because it continues to be established that “other professions with interdependent functions allow the production of documentation that will require those departments (such as the drug-store or the blood vessels bank) and nurses to complete, such as when nurses are involved in giving or assisting” (Cho Playground, 2006). Due to its inclusiveness and flexibility, both important functions of any viable language, the ICNP can be clearly the preferable standardized nursing dialect in terms of efficacy and productivity.


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