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accomplishment dual-degree MIS/MBA program (Master Science Administration Information Systems/MBA – Concentration Risk Management).

Accomplishment Essay

I i am an international pupil living in the us. Previously My spouse and i resided in Ivory Coast before We came to the usa. As a former Ivory Coastline citizen, I am aware how hard you should thrive in such a developing nation. It takes a lot dedication and perseverance to rise above the rest. Off white coast is known as a third world country where attaining education is known as a personal initiative, there is hardly any motivation especially from your peers, there are not any people inside the society to mentor us, therefore; a large number of young people end up not concluding their research, and the couple of who manage to rise above the rest do it in difficulty Off white Coast, 2011()

As a person, I learned the key to success is definitely through education; my education is my personal treasured control since We originate from a humble backdrop. Through most odds, I managed to graduate with a bachelor degree running a business administration by a French speaking institution, as you can only learn so much making use of this language, We also got my own personal initiative to learn English language as my personal second language, which opened gates for me to learn business government at duration from various business literatures.

After getting my school education, I acquired a job by a leading strength company being a financial helper where My spouse and i attained numerous skills in the financial portion of the company as well as the overall business running. Throughout the years, We studied and worked in Ivory Shoreline, the country skilled a lot of political lack of stability, various hen house d’etat and insecurity among others and this manufactured the business environment unfavorable Organization Monitor, 2011.

While working at the strength firm, I had been faced with hard management decision which have been fueled by the various political instabilities that has been being knowledgeable in the country at that time Joe Bavier, 2006.

Although I managed to sustain the company through this kind of times, I saw the need have more knowledge business administration particularly focusing on marketing and risk management since this can help to boost company success even when the business environment is usually not good.

I believe I actually am the right candidate just for this program mainly because some of the features I have such as integrity, intelligence, friendliness, problem solving and leadership among many others. All

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