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This poem to be more exact extract by a long composition explores a familiar ambiguity in English tongue refers equally to the physical organ we use intended for speech, as well as the language we all speak with this. Saying tongue for speech is an example of metonymy. In the poem Sujata Bhatt publishes articles […]

New york a graveyard pertaining to languages

Vocabulary Diversity, New York City New York City happens to be the most linguistically rich position on earth, with 800 different languages, although is also the area, or “graveyard”, where many languages head to die. Around the globe, many languages—especially those of the indigenous—are getting extinct because of the superior features of other dialects, such […]

The use of dictionaries in language learning in high school Essay

Aware about the potential insufficiencies of their products qua learning aids, modem lexicog­raphers and book publishers likewise have considered many ways to make reference literature more accessible, clear and easy to understand than those during the past. For example , installed in a complete introduction to clarify what the book offers as well as how […]

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