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The digital separate is beginning to close. The flow of digital information – through mobile phones, txt messaging, and the Internet – is now reaching the world’s masses, even in the poorest countries, getting with this a revolution in economics, governmental policies, and society. In my opinion, the technological innovation which includes had the highest impact on our lives in this country today could be the mobile telecommunication technology.

The past ten to fifteen years, mobile phones have changed existence in such a way that not any other technical change provides before. Earlier, people utilized to book phone calls in advance, were required to go and use near the telephone booths, or take a seat beside an actual telephone tool kept in the drawing room of a home, and tackle, or call someone stuck to a place. At this point, people basically carry a 200 gram device within their pockets and will travel the earth, always linked to their loved ones and business partners, no matter in whatever remote part of the world they are. (However, in certain countries, mobile protection does…

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