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Teenage Pregnancy

The disadvantages of young pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is usually increasing around the world and the associating negative effects possess dire effects for culture. Countries have engaged in hostile campaigns to arrest and limit the quantity of teens getting pregnant. There has been limited success in the approaches employed because of the multiple variables that influence a teenage to interact in sex behavior. A crucial part of the problem is that most teens are not thinking about becoming pregnant but are desirous of heterosexual lovemaking contact. When ever this is in conjunction with the limited ability to foresee outcomes of their actions the combination produces the conditions pertaining to teen pregnant state. Teenage motherhood has serious consequences for both companions although the females tend to take the greater burden.

The main trouble that occurs when a teen becomes pregnant is the effect on the teen’s education. Teenage is the time when many individuals are in their high school years. Finishing high school graduation is a important predictor of future school success and increasing the individual’s lifestyle chances. When a teenager turns into pregnant during their high school years they often usually do not finish high school. The inability in order to complete high school is known as a problem that both males and females deal with though the women are more likely to never finish. The failure of pregnant girls not to end high school has multiple origin factors.

The social stigma that is accompanied with becoming pregnant being a teen might influence a lady not to continue her education. The young adult may be beset at institution with bad glares and disapproving appears from colleagues and professors. This constant disapproval can often be more tiring than the scholar can countenance. In cases where the student does not drop-out of school, they might face the task of keeping in class. The amount of missed days due to early morning sickness and other health concerns may limit the amount of work students can attain, thus compromising their learning experiences.

Additionally , the physical changes that accompany pregnancy can easily have enormous psychological and social implications for teens (Pros and cons 2010). The extra weight that occurs with pregnancy is normally disconcerting to get more mature females. Young women for who physical image is very important since an indicator of self value may well experience a loss of self-esteem because of their fat gain. Accompanying the weight gain may also be several other physical changes which may permanently affect how the boy or girl feels about their body. Stretch-marks that may under no circumstances go away may occur in and around the stomach and breasts. These types of stretch marks may possibly add to thoughts of low self-esteem about the entire body and minimize the self-image. An additional physical concern is that if the young woman is in her early teens her body might not have developed effectively to allow her to manage the additional baby excess weight effectively.

The social outcomes of teenager pregnancy are also a major disincentive to getting pregnant while one is a teenager. The dynamics of parenting will demand which the teenager continue to be at home to address the

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