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Perla Suárez, a 19-year-old swimmer, is competitively swimming within a race via San Pedro to San Catalina whilst her family guides her way coming from a boat. While using support and on-going compliment of her loved ones and her enthusiasm for the activity, Margarita Suárez vigorously forces herself through the cold Pacific Ocean not only to attain her hopes, dreams, as well as the prize, but also to get her friends and family pride and honor.

When she truly does stand up on her behalf own social identity while Cuban foreign nationals against a great unaccepting American society, Chiribita Suárez much more than just a cultural hero and testament of the strong relatives bond – she is an allegorical figure of the messiah, Jesus Christ. Perla and the other folks around her are biblical figures fleshed out, given real human being emotion and real individual fault. They are personable persons whose characteristics mold the biblical characters into heroes one can relate with.

Margarita Suárez is a great adept swimmer, graced together with the skill of speed and mastery in the water. She is one with all the ocean, as her mammalian relative, the “seal” (40). Aida Suárez, her mom, is awe-struck by her daughters large talent, and believes “a spirit, an ocean nature, must have entered [her] body while [she] was having her” (41), remniscent of Jesus’ puro conception.

The girl with not able to set out to “think that a daughter of” (40) hers would increase up to become such a unique, unique kid. Her quiet surprise and delight is comparable to how Jesus’ mother, Jane, must have felt. Both mothers of two important kids, Mary and Aida are one of the same person; Aida Suárez is definitely the Cuban Virgin mobile Mary.

The 1st time Aida set Margarita inside the water:  “she came to life, she grew ahead of [her] eye. She shifted, she smiled, she liked it more than me. The lady didn’t wish my breast any longer. The lady wanted the water” (40).

From that second, Aida knew that there were something exceptional her: her beloved daughter was fated to be a natural-born swimmer. Chiribita is agape with delight when the girl with put into the water, its fact engulfing her entire getting. It is her first discussion with the water, which is both a physical and spiritual avertissement.

This event describes her goal and confirms her success. She is baptized, or initiated, as Jesus Christ was. Baptized in the Lake of The nike jordan, Jesus Christ was immersed inside the water since a child by St Joseph the Baptist.

This purged his soul of evil and freed him from sin, as Margarita’s immersion cleared her spirit of doubt and made her direction and purpose in life clear. Pertaining to Jesus you should sacrifice himself to save mankind from the absolute depths of Terrible, for Chiribita it is to swimming from San Pedro to Santa Catalina and bring honor with her family and her race. Nevertheless who to steer such expertise but her father? Her Father is a supreme authority.

In The Cuban Swimmer, Eduardo Suárez is a holder of the megaphone that shouts training and direction to Margarita while she is making her way towards the boat. She actually is directionless with out her daddy, as Jesus is shed without Our god. The only person Margarita listens to. And when the different Suarez’s receive apprehensive and begin to anxiety, it is Eduardo’s sublime tone of voice, like God’s, that is sufferer and calmly reassuring.

Simon Suarez is definitely his sister’s Simon of Cyrene, supporting her throughout the dark oceans and hard winds. He’s her sibling: they are of the same blood, but are different people based on a callings. Perla is going swimming to get pride intended for Simon and the rest of her family, because Jesus Christ is fighting to save lots of his kin, the whole of mankind. However , because Claire is human, he makes mistakes and often leads Margot into trouble.

Simon jokes around and dances, exuding a lively attitude in the middle of this depth. He manuals her, but he would not foresee the “oil slick” (38) that causes Margot to stop the first time. Eduardo calls him an “idiot” (43) and doesn’t “understand [him because] he is not really like” Margarita (43), the holy child. Eduardo’s deprecating attitude towards Simon delves further than what is first found on the surface area. His hate for Claire replicates God’s own anger towards the people for even being within a state of mortal damnation and permanent sin.

Therefore , Simon not simply embodies the helpful Claire of Cyrene who helped carry the responsibility of the Cross, but also the entire people, who will be heavenly in image and figure, yet remain earthbound. Margarita Suarez, the less likely Cuban swimmer from a bad, immigrant friends and family, is the redeemer of new migrants coming to the USA to start a new life. The negative image the USA unjustly brands associated with out of hate and fear is definitely negated by simply her accomplishment, proving herself to be more than the spawn of the vile immigrant, but a talented swimmer and amazing human being.

Surpassing the unwelcoming racism, Chiribita Suarez did more than just 1000 dollars and a platinum cup — she has damaged through the compelled oppression of racism about immigrants. The girl with the amazing Jesus Christ, conserving immigrants by relentless, reasonless racism and prejudiced restriction. The hundreds watching this race in the news were demonstrated the extraordinary relatives compassion and energy, transforming all their public photo from a beastly immigrant family looking to exploit American resources into a true, human family that has true individual feelings.

The race took down the boundary between the white-colored, and people, American or Cuban alike, delight in “jubilation” (48). The Suarez is likened to well-known and revered Christian figures

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